We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Missing Home

Phil and I are still in Bothell, Wa until further notice. There is talk of coming home in 2weeks and there is also talk of not coming home all summer. Its driving me crazy not being able to make plans. Doesn't Phil's company know I'm a PLANNER?! Seriously! :)

I of course miss Corvallis and I really miss Portland. I've grown to LOVE LOVE our studio, neigborhood and awesome neighbors. But I'm most surprised that I am missing Lebanon. My hometown, the town I swore never to move back to. Being in Bothell, which might be the same size or smaller than Lebanon, makes me appreciate small town life on a farm. My parents have a great place between Lebanon and Sweet Home. I'm so bipolar... one day I wanna be a city girl, the next I wanna move back to the farm.

Now that my brothers and I have all graduated my parents decided to replace us with dogs! I'm only slightly joking!

Seriously check it out! (Ok, now who in this photo doesnt belong? ha ha ha ha)

When Phil and I first started dating we bought our first english bulldog Jericho. My dad fell in love with him so the following year we as a family got him his own bulldog for his 50th birthday.
And now they have 6. They've sold most of their cows and are only raising enough for their own beef. They also built a really nice kennel on the farm and now spend most weekend at dog shows. I've learned a lot about dog shows and I'll tell you the movie Best of Show is pretty accurate. :)
In order to champion your dog you have to earn a certain number of points. To earn points you have to win a certain number of shows(its way more complicated than that but you get the general idea). Last weekend my parents championed one of their 2 males, Ace. I'm so proud of them! Isn't he cute? A face only his mother could love! :)
Side Note:

Last night Phil and I went to North Gate Mall to get my birthday dress. He is such a trooper. He sat at The Ram with his crossword puzzle book(it keeps his brain sharp) while I shopped. After finding THEE dress I joined Phil for dinner. I normally don't like chain restaurants but I was pleasantly surprised by The Ram's bloody mary and Hillybilly Burger: bacon, blue cheese and crunchy onions with sweet potato fries on the side(Nathan it wasnt as good as your burger but the crunchy onions might be a nice addition?). yuuuuuuuummmm! Can you believe this garnish?! The glass was rimmed with a salt mixture I couldn't quite put my finger on.... maybe chili powder? delicious!There is a Ram in Salem but I've never tried it....


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

You might not ever find the PERFECT bloody mary... good thing cause it's fun to try :)

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...
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peteandjenn said...

I've been to the Ram a few times in Salem and it's been alright! That bulldog picture is too cute sometimes I miss the guy sitting nicely at the patio door, just watching, yet maybe judging?

Janelle said...

I love Ace's face too! What a cutie.

How the heck do they get the dogs so WHITE and clean? we're trying to get rid of Lew-dog's tear stains and they're not budging unless we scrub like 3 times/day. Even then they don't go away completely. AND, because he sleeps with his face on his paws, his front paws are a little bit dirty with stains too. Do your parents have a show blog? Would be awesome to hear their experiences!!

Abby Bain said...

The bulldog picture is SO funny, Jenna! You look so hot on your facebook birthday pic with phil. You should probably blog that pic.