We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Waycation and Strep Throat

Fourth of July Weekend Phil and I flew down to Pleasanton for a family vacation with Phil's mom's side of the family. Before the weekend events we spent Friday night at Brandon & Kayla's along with Pete & Jenn.

It was an extra special time for us to see the babes. We hadn't seen Bem in weeks such a change from seeing her multiple times a week. We missed our little friends. Friday Kayla made an amaaaaaaaazing Vietnamese feast. So yum. I hate myself for not taking pics! Poor Bwandon got the nasty throat sickness so he did his best to hangout. Poor Randy.
Saturday morning I got to wake up to 3 special humans. Mo, Ellyse, Emma and I had a cuddle session on the couch. Man I love those kids! Emma is getting soooooooooooo old. Its so crazy to have her sit still for french braids!

silly ladies

BemDoodle looks so much like her mama
The little Mo-Nugget is the easiest going guy. It cracks me up when Jenn holds Mo and tries to talk to me and Mo is just staring at me smiling. He sits and smiles, eats and sleeps. WAY different than bossy baby Emma.
Phil's Aunt and Uncle hosted 21ish people not including their family of 5 for the weekend. AMAZING and super relaxing. They have a huge beautiful house and large property with lots to do. We spent most of the time hanging out in the front yard watching the kids and men play. They borrowed 2 camp trailers to help host. B&K joined us each afternoon for the day's activities.

Hello! B.O.B. commercial. Saturday after an awesome biscuit and gravy breakfast we packed up for an afternoon at the County Fair. I forgot to take pictures of the adults :)
oh hey tiny nugget man.
Back at the house there was this thingy....whats it called again? Phil of course had to play with it. I had no idea digging a hole then filling it up again was sooooooooo fun.
Our accommodations. After staying in this for a few days I decided I really really need one. It was the kind of trailer where the living room pops out for more space.
Anna, Phil's hot cousin from Bend and Crystal, Jenn and I.
Hangin out in the front yard.
Phil's super fun Aunt Tracy, our amazing hostess.
Grandma and her little grandaughters. So Cute.
Mr. Clay. Anna's son.
Noah, Anna's husband and Mr. Seth.
Uncle Rick, (Nancy's brother) hand crafted this awesome smoker!
Lovin the goggles! Uncle Rick is very tall, I'm too short for this Man-Smoker.
Elli and Elly. Sweet little babes are 26days apart.
oh Mo-Mo, there you are, sitting and smiling as usual.
After a hard day at the driving range the guys needed to come home and cool off in the kiddy pool.
oops, babe... you fell through your chair!?
All the sun and fun gets tiring.
more hanging in the front yard. So perfect.
It was fun watching the guys play volleyball...very competitive!
hey Randal!

Nice one Phil!
after hours of cooking it was time to shred and devour the meat. sooooooooo GOOD
Casey, Phil's cousin.
Bemmers looooooves the camera. I hung out with her as much as possible. I love family vacation.
Mr. Clay was a few days shy of his 1st birthday. Anna made an amazing rich chocolate cake. Yum I wish I had a slice right now.

Monday the guys played golf in the morning and it was time for people to start leavin. Pete and Jenn started the trek home and Phil flew out that evening. I on the other hand stayed the week to spend more time with B&K and see Sara.

Tuesday morning I was planning on going to B&K's but then poor Kayla got the yuck in her throat so I stuck around Pleasanton. Corey, Phil's cousin, was nice enough to hangout and drive me to Santa Cruz. Anna, Noah and their boys went too.

First you dig a hole:

then you bury someone:Then you torment them :)
Kainoa is the oldest, then Ryan then baby Clay.
Corey found a little sand grab, Ryan was equally scared and amused.

Cute baby Clay ate lots of sand.

The weather was more like the Oregon Coast than the California Beach. But it was still a ton of fun.

I failed to bring out my camera for the rest of the trip. Tuesday I stayed in Pleasanton an extra day, headed over to B&K's Wednesday evening. Friday I was suppose to go to Oakland to hang with my friend Sara but guess what she too got SICK?! Oh my. So I stayed with B&K until Saturday. My trip kept changing but it was totally great to just relax and play it by ear...not really my personality but I loved it.


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