We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jenna the Negotiator!

I purchased my first items off of craigslist! A girl in monmouth was asking $150 and I got it for $75. I've been searching for a set of table and chairs for the last few weeks that have fabric seats that I can recover with fun modern fabric. My winter project is to sand/paint the table chairs and recover the seats.

Im really excited! A project for craft night!
First night is Set.
Next Tuesday Beka's House. All are welcome. I'll bring soup!

Hey Corvallis, Why can't we?

I'm jealous of Ruby's "Stitch & Bitch" night. Lets start a Corvallis version.

look at her blog clickhere

I have lots of things I need to make for our future house!

-Sew pillow covers for our bland couch
-recover some chairs, paint the chairs


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This N That

This is a funny picture I found on my camera. Phil got his laptop fixed last Tuesday, "yay for extended warranties!" So this guy came and basically gave Phil a brand new laptop. niiiiiiice.

Yesterday was beautiful and sunny. Our not smart dogs made sure to enjoy it.

Poor Apple, she thought it would be nice to nap with Jericho, apparently she is willing to take the risk of being blasted by Jericho's death gas.
Phil, Denny, Ryan, Tommy, Sam, Simonson, Mars and Tyler Bushnell are all on a Timberhill B-ball team together... the truth is I don't really watch the games, I just hang out with Betsy.

P.S. Phil wanted me to say that he was 4 for 7 on field goals.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Cabo, the Proof. FINALLY.

This is the easiest way. all our photos in a slide show. Are you happy Ruby??

Friday, January 23, 2009

Is it my age or is it the President?

I've never been that interested in politics... its so intimidating to me, there is so much to know and so many different sides of issues and I don't like to form opinions until I hear all the sides so then I get overwhelmed and chose to not be involved... not much has changed but at least now I'm actually interested could that just be my age? The last election I was only 20 and self absorbed, more interested in what was in my closet than who was in the white house?!

This time around Im really excited about www.whitehouse.gov
I'm looking forward to the Weekly Video Address, from the site:


President Barack Obama plans to publish a weekly video address every Saturday morning of his presidency.

Visit this page every week to watch the President's most recent video.

WhiteHouse.gov will be a central part of
President Obama's pledge to make his
the most transparent and accountable
administration in American history.

Pretty cool. I'll be listening.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Corvalls Culinary Week

Jill Bell told Phil and I about an awesome deal that all these restaurants are offering this week. Each Resturant offering a chef's special plate for only $10!
Of course I want to go to all of them... wanna meet up?

more info: click here

My Favorite Part of Yesterday

"In the joy of a new beginning we ask you to help us look for the day when black will not be asked to give back, when brown can stick around, when yella will be mella and the redman can get ahead man and when white will embrace what is right. Let all those who do justice and give mercy say AMEN"

Monday, January 19, 2009

I sewed!

The last time I sewed something was 4yrs ago, I made a duvet cover for Phil.. with the help of Ruby.

The other night, with the help of Nancy, I got inspired to make some wallets to replace the envelopes for my 'cash system'. Nancy has the greatest collection of vintage fabric!

These arent finished yet but I made 2 wallets! It is so fulfilling to make your own stuff.

Now I know how Beka and Ruby must feel, they are just so crafty and inspiring!

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Aging Sisters

Finally I'm back to Normalcy. My 12/24-1/12 vacation has come to an end. During my weeks of bliss our computers crashed... yes both of them. So strange but totally fine. My work sent me a new computer and it was kinda nice to have that time with Phil and no technological distractions but that also meant no blogging. I have so much catching up to do, and I still haven't posted about Cabo but before I can do that:


I'm so very thankful that my sisters-in-law don't suck... ya know what I mean ha ha ha ha! I feel very blessed that they are just as much my friends as they are my marital-obligated-family!

Love you ladies!