We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

the Doug

Last night Phil-Gill and I went to the to see Jake D and the Cleaver Brothers & Co. who were playing a show in the downstairs venue.

Guy and I got there early to eat some grub. I had never been to the Dougfir, I like it. Fun atmosphere. Lots of cool little nooks in the lounge, however, the bathroom was very scary. Its dark and there are lots of mirror-walls I almost ran into one of them.
Phil can never take a normal picture...

It was so great to see Jake Dr. Its been a long time, such a great human! I always forget how funny Chris is! Such a crack up. I love that Philomath whit!!
Mark and Dave. Nice guy from Portland who recommended I eat at Gravy. I guess I'll be going there soon.Voila my meal. The Cedar Mill Platter. Delicious smoked salmon and trout with pickled onions, capers, cucumbers, ect... Delicious.
MY NEW FRIEND. Brooke. She was just visiting one of Jake Dr.'s friends or something.. I forgot. But she is moving to P-Town this fall so we'll get to hangout again. We became instant friends after discussing our love for food and our lack of international travel :)

I havent been to a show in sooooooooooooo long! highschool/college Jenna used to go all the time. I love the energy. It isnt Phil's scene so I feel extra loved that he went because he knew I loved it! Thanks babe.
Beautiful Kellie. I'm excited to spend more time with her and Mark. They live just a few minutes away. Its nice to have friends from home close by.

15sec exposure. I did it on an accident but I like the colors. Mark is so mystical!
I think its so special that brothers get to play/make music together. I'm sooooooo cheesy.
He was having more fun than he looks. It was great to see the Cleaver guys and the Kettle parents came out too!
Wednesday night fuuuuuuuuun!!!!!!! Looking forward to a few months with these kids!

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Fun! Fancy face.
PS....I ALREADY told you about Gravy!