We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beginings Of A Nursery

First thing...pick out a crib. I decided I want neutral gray walls with a white crib. I plan on transfering our kids from the crib to a twin and skip the toddler bed so the 4-in-1 cribs aren't necessary(they all turn into doubles, havn't seen any that turn into twins have you?)

I like this clean "box shape". nothing fancy about it, just clean.

Another box shaped crib that I love because of the extra storage. Our little girl's room is TINY. I need to get creative with storage.

I also really like the old school cribs... very simple and small, good for a tiny nursery.

I knew I wanted simple solid gender neutral baby bedding. My goal is to buy nice bedding once and use it for each babe(genius idea executed by Jenn). I had this picked out before I knew the gender.(babybedding.com) Gray walls, organic red bedding and simple gender specific accents that can be replaced if our next baby is a boy.

Deciding on the "girl" accents was hard. My original theme is no longer on www.fabricworm.com so I decided today to just buy something and stick with it. I'm happy with what I decided. VERY LIMITED PINK! My mom and grandma were a little disspapointed with how much I dislike the idea of PINK EVERYTHING :-) but they are good sports. They almost died when I said "red and gray nursery" but I think with this post they'll get the idea. I ordered this bundle, one yard of each. I'll figure out a way to make curtains, accent pillows, wall art... little things to make it feel like a baby girl's room. I need all my talented sewing friends to come over and help me!

I can finally feel my baby! Its a crazy feeling. She is very busy, I feel lots of "flutters" everyday. I can't wait until Phil can feel her.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I'm officially 17weeks and carrying a baby girl!!!

Yesterday we found out the sex of our baby! Phil had a meeting and couldnt come with me so we compromised and had the tech conceal the gender in an envelope for Phil and I to open when he got home from work.

The ultra sound experience was amazing and surprisingly stressful. I was sent to a fetal diagnostic clinic, not my regular doctor. As I sat in the waiting room I started getting anxiety. I knew finding out the gender was going to be exciting but I also knew this is when I would find out if our baby has all of its major organs, 2 legs, 2 arms, no cleft pallet and a strong heart. Dr. Chun the comedian/MD let me know our "kid was a winner". He also let me know I'm going to spend the next 20years not in charge of my life. I can't even express how thankful I am that little ching-ling so far is growing as she should. I'm starting to understand what most mom's already do, "having kids is like having your heart walk around outside of your body," my little babe is still IN my body but I am not in control of her development... I can eat healthy, sleep, exercise, read all the baby crud but there is so much out of my control! I'm not used to this.

Finding out we are having a Miss Ching sorta feels like I found out I am pregnant all over again! It is so much more real now! A baby girl! "I'm going to have a daughter, " it just sound weird when I say it out loud. I looked at baby clothes today but I didnt allow myself to buy anything...for some reason its still so surreal.

We got a dvd with photos and 4 short videos. For some reason blogger wont let me upload more than one...look how cute and WEIRD/alien but still cute she looks! Streeeeeeeetching and grabbing her ears. I've watched these over and over!

I guess we have to start saving for a wedding!