We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3rd Anniversary

Like I've said we had a staycation for our usual annual Christmas/Anniversary vacation. This year we had a staycation.

For the actual day of our anniversary Phil and I didnt have a plan. We cleaned the house and packed an over night bag just in case. We went to lunch in Corvallis and then went on a long drive. We love just driving around and looking at property. We ended up in Dallas so we decide to go to Lincoln City for the night. The weather was surprisingly beautiful!

What a jokester!
I corrected it. But he is kinda right. I cant believe we've only been married 3yrs. It seems like he's been my world for much much longer!
This picture is funny. i think we both look like dorks.We had a delicious dinner at the Casino...not the buffet but the nice restaurant.
I love this guy!

So when we got home from the coast on New Years we decided to get CRAZY! We partied all night long....NOT. we went to bed at 830! I got crazy motivated to organize the bathroom, pantry, spice cupboard and tup-a-ware cupboard. Awesome way to bring in the New Year!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Full Fun Christmas

Phil and I had a very full FUN Christmas Week.

We love our best friend/family overlaps that allows for the best holiday Celebrations.

Phil and I spent the week with my family, his family and the Kirkbrides. I of course dont have any photos from Phil or my family's celbrations, whats wrong with me?

The Kirkbrides had their Christmas Crab Night and Christmas Eve early.

The beautiful new family of 3
Sister-in-laws with the same name.
Babe? You look like Kurtis!
Cocktail hour.
Have you seen anything cuter? Twas The Night Before Christmas.
Phil and I love the time we get to spend with these folks. We love them dearly.

Christmas Eve we had a roommate reunion slumber party at Pete and Jenn's. We ate soup, watched a movie and slept next to the Christmas Tree. In the morning we had an amazing Christmas breakfast. Sharon, Brad, Chad, Kylie and the boys came over and we had french toast. Someone, not sure who, was very smart and started experimenting with Bailey's Irish Cream french toast. SO GOOD!

Bem got some fun princess things from Nu-Nu and Bill for Christmas. She looooves dressing up!After the awesome Christmas breakfast Phil and I spent the night in Lebanon with my Family. We had a delicous Christmas dinner at my Uncles newly remodeled beautiful home.

Then the next morning we headed to the Kelley's in Philomath for some delicous Indian Food. This year instead of exchanging gifts, each couple told the family what they would like from the family. It was a thoughtful, creative idea, some examples: Scotty and Crystal want us to a snow day and Pete and Jenn want us to spend a day at Camp Tadmor.

We were exhausted from the long week, I think we went to bed at 830?!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

House Christmas

We had our house Christmas on Monday evening before Christmas. The guys gave the girls their gifts and the girls gave each other a few things and Phil gave Lewis a popcorn tin.

Lewis got to open his stocking first...
- AND....he got sausage!
- It was a warm and cozy night for Christmas fun.
Beeeeeeest Freeeeinds
So Phil got me a snuggie. Its not a joke gift, I really wanted. I actually got tricked into thinking it was aaaaaall I got. After some awkward silence, ha, Phil sent me on a scavenger hunt to find my final gift. In the oven I found a jewelry box.
I would have been happy with the box. I was bawling. I'm so weird. Just the thought of jewelry turned me into a mess. But to my surprise I got my first strand of Pearls with matching earrings.
Ruby got loads of chocolates. I've been doing a good job not stealing from her room, hasnt been easy for me.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kelley, Kirkbride, Kiker, Kavanagh Fun! Whats up with the K's!

We love it when Chad and Kylie come home. Sunday before the Christmas events started we had the Kirkbrides over for dinner. We had a fun Pizza party. We are starting to master this party theme. I looooove it!Phil made an amazing shrimp dip we kept hot on the wood stove. Great appetizer!

You might notice our really nice holiday family photo on the mantel. Zoom in for a classy photo of Phil.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Casey's Last Night

Its Christmas break. We need to GO OUT and have some fun!

Mr. Hurt had his last night of work at "the Dog" so we HAD to go support our guy! He is always so good at making me a "surprise" and giving me the best drink ever!

Ruby and Phil. Gosh babe. No more joke mustaches. You look so weird!
Lewis is hilarious.
One of my last nights hangin out with Lauren. Man, its so cliche but you really dont know what you have until its gone. LAUREN, you are so much fun. I'm sad you are leaving to LA!
So Crazy.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday To The Most Beautiful Girl

Happy 25th Tutie!You make life better for Phil and I. Congratulations on all you accomplished in your 24th year!

Monday, December 14, 2009


A new house favorite and a seemingly favorite of my Philippine people.

Part of Ruby's 25th birthday celebration our house competed in our version of Winter Olympics. We competed boys against girls in a series of events at Dixon Rec: 2 rounds of badminton, ping pong, 400meter relay, weight lifting, holding breath under water....just the standard "sports day" activities. At this point we are tied so we'll have to settle it in a match of Settlers...get it?!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rube Tubes Turns 25

Our House Birthday Celebration For Ruby.

We went out to a delish Sunday brunch at Fire Works, got some birthday cheesecake, spent 8hrs at Dixon, had lunch at Block 15, went to Dox and had our Dox Peeps over for cake and ice cream.The clever boys deemed December 13th Birthday Winter Olympics.

Ruby and I LOVED birthday Olympics.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Work Blues

It always seems 3weeks before a scheduled vacation are the hardest days at work. The vacation you've had planned for months is so close yet still so far away and work is KILLING YOU. I had a rough day Dec 8th and my babe reminded me how much I am loved.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Finals-Week Fu-Manchu

One Term Down, Four More To Go

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Cheer

This Christmas was our first time decorating our OWN house since we first got married. So we did it RIGHT with 3 christmas trees. It was fun having aaaaalll of Ruby's decor and mine.

We got our trees from the Kiker Tree Farm. We made a fun day out of it. Started at Coffee Culture for creamy warm mochas. mmm

- Found it! What a nice shape.

- Family photo opp.
- Since we were already there, why not get TWO trees. We picked a perfectly shaped Doug Fir and this cute little Noble.
- The boys...they're good at doing man projects together. P.S. Nice facial Hair Phil.
The Real Action Click Here

- With two trees and peppermint schnapps in hand we were in the Christmas spirit and ready to transform our cozy little house into an even cozier little Christmas cabin.
- Stringing up the tree....did you notice Lewis' very nice Christmas sweater :)
- The Noble has all our ornaments and the Doug Fir has all Jenna and Phil's ornaments on it.
- The finishing touch.

This is an ornament we got as a wedding gift.Decorating the BIG tree in our front room.

Our tree looked so tiny in the lot but HUGE in our house!
Nice Work Lewis
- The boys tricked us and each already had a present they wrapped and stuck under the tree. They might of just wrapped empty boxes, we'll have to find out. A special time of year with special people. The night was wrapped up (nice!) with a game of Settlers and some grilled cheese.