We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


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We are here in Bothell (27mins outside Seattle according to this map) until who knows how long. We are paying rent in Corvallis and in Portland and not living in either of those 2 places?! Ha ha ha. Phil's company is taking good care of us up here but its so so strange. Its very weird to live in a hotel. I have no chores....my only chore is to make my bed and the cleaning lady gets very confused when I tell her I don't need service so I stopped telling her no. We spent our first week at one hotel and I got super tired of eating out for every meal so we moved to a new hotel that has kitchenettes. Don't get me wrong I love eating out and trying new restaurants every night but my waistline cant handle it! We sorta found a rhythm. We work, I run during my lunch break, I lay by the pool until Phil gets home then we go out to dinner and I cancel out my run.

There have been a few good evenings spent with new friends and my family. My Dad is from Seattle so I have an Aunt, Uncle and some cousins up here.

Last Wednesday My Aunt Claudia and Uncle Mark drove over and we went out to a really cool Italian restaurant.

The owners take their staff to Italy every year...isn't that awesome?! Their wine list was overwhelming!

My beautiful Aunt... she never ages! I hope I inherit those good jeans!!
Thursday night we went to the City for a Mariners game, compliments of the company. I was surprised at how young the engineers are. I guess I had a vision in my head that Phil would be the young guy just like he was at Knife River.
He may not be the youngest but he is the new guy and I loved that they call him "intern Phil". ha! This is Bill. We like to call him Helvey because his sense of humor and personality is so much like Adam.

It was actually a really good game. Well sorta. We left at the top of the 9th inning because we thought the game was over but as we left the Mariners managed to tie the game and it went into the 13th inning. I'm not a sports person but I got super into the game on the way home. We turned on the radio to listen to the ending and I kept shooshing Phil. ha!
I like SPORTS!

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The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Fun to be able to do lots of new things!! I loved going to Dodger games in LA. Maybe Lew and I will come up for a Mariners game?