We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


our cheapy walmart camera finally broke. here is the last picture it ever took. time for fancy one?

Sunday Phil and I went to Waldport on a double date with my parents. My dad rented a boat and we went crabbing. It was a lot of fun. We got 4 big keepers.

It was blue skies and 81degrees at the coast. I couldnt believe it. I've never been to the coast when it was hot.

yes, that is my dad wearing a life jacket. he he he

Monday, September 29, 2008

Emma's 1st Birthday, "Great Success!"

Something to make the party more memorable?

Phil shot his very first bear the morning of Emma's birthday... he was so excited! But when you shoot an animal that also means you have to pack it out of the forest. He did it as fast as he could, I told him he had to rush straight to the party so he wouldn't miss a second more... which means the bear came with him.


So to mark the special occasion Emma got a bear to go with her present.
Bem, hope you enjoy your new wagon and Vogue!

This wagon is nothing like the wagons when we were kids. it has fold up seats with seat belts and cupholders! Are you kidding me! I fell out of my wagon so many times from my brother pulling too hard and fast causing me to fly backwards... Radio Flyer you are a little too late on your design upgrade.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our Special Friend

Happy First Birthday Lil' Bem Doodle

Uncle Bill and Auntie Noodle had no idea we could love a small person as much as we love you!
Even though you are bad... you made the best roommate ever!
You keep getting more and more beautiful each day!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dear Science,

Please replace fruits & vegetables with carbs & cheese on the food pyramid!

today I had chips+cheese for snack and noodles+cheese for lunch... can't help it.



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This N That

Saturday after Betsy's Birthday Jeff and Whit came over and gave Apple a VERY NICE present.

She wasn't too fond of it but she was sooooooooo cute!

Also on Saturday evening Emma came over to play. She went nigh-nigh in Mee-ma and Popa's room. When it was time to go, Jenny let Phil and I wake her up... there is nothing sweeter than a sleepy baby. Phil was holding her and singing to her. When Jenn took her away Bem was reaching for Uncle Bill.........at that moment I REALLY had the itch to make some of our own humans. Phil is going to be such a good dada.
So as a surprise for Mum and Dad Kelley, Wubby cleaned the carpets yesterday

(Im assuming they are in transit and won't see this blog until they get home)

can you believe the difference! The house looks sooooooo good. This was the dirtiest part of the carpet, lots of dirty foot traffic from the hottub.Happy Anniversary Pete & Jenn. 4yrs of fun.

(sorry I couldn't find a better picture, I none of the both of you but hundreds of your baby)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

For Kurtis

There are 13grams of fiber in my cereal and it actually taste really good! Im eating right now.

Does your cereal have more? If so Kurtis needs to know.

Nutrition Facts
serving size: 1cup
cal. 160
fat 1.5g
sodium 280mg
Potassium 320mg
Carbs. 42g
sugar 6g
protein 5g

Friday, September 19, 2008

Today I fell out of my desk chair while reaching for my cell phone on my bed.

I need a chair without wheels.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

CATCH-UP! Lots and Lots of Labor Day Fun!


love ya Rubes!

rewind: Labor was lots of fun and FULL of events. that is why i cant catch-up my posting, so overwhelming.

We stayed in Sunriver to go to Phil's cousins wedding, we met up with Bre for lots of fun at her new house and we rock climbed with Scott & Crystal.


we went on a fun bike ride. we got busted by the cops..."walk your bikes through the tunnel" Jenn kept telling the officers we deserve to get punished.

Bem did really well sleeping with her helmet in her face. Unfortunately she a little bit of a break down when we were on our way home. Poor Bem.

Emma ate the whole thing! can you believe it!
Ruby is so naturally beautiful.
Anna's Wedding
The wedding was beautiful. It was in Noah's parent's backyard. You'll see toward the end of the ceremony the groomsmen had to give away their jackets, the wind was CRAZY. I didn't take many photos but the bride was gorgeous!


It was Ruby's first time and of course Ruby was a natural. She basically just flew right up the wall. She conquered some routes that only Scotty was able to do. She is UNBELIEVABLY STRONG! She was meant for the Olympics, she missed her calling. You'll notice there are a lot more pictures of me... well because, it took me 3 times as long to get up the routes, but HEY I conquered my fears. Thanks Scotty and Crystal for taking us after a long long weekend of being tour guides.

Organic Food, yum!

My Parents House.

Did you know I grew up (since 4th grade) on a farm? Yes, I never had a summer job, I always worked on the farm to earn my $$$. I can buck hay, REALLY! Somewhere along the way I got super girly and squeely.

I love going to my parents house. I think Im bi-polar. I want to be crazy and move to the big city and live the urban life........BUT.... I just appreciate owning lots of land and growing your own food soooo much!

So until we do I will "grocery shop" at my parents.

So my cute little dad entered a bunch of his veggies at the state fair and came back with a TON of ribbons. He ended up with the purple ribbon which is granted to the farmer with the most points.... so like grand champion I guess. He is so funny!

My momma has work so hard on their garden and its huge like 1/2 acre! It has everything. I admire her. I hope I can be as hardworking as she is. She HATES to be bored and ALWAYS has a project around the farm or in the house.

While my mom and I were hanging out my dad and Phil butchered his kill! SICK!

My dad is sooooo proud of Phil. He thought it was so special that Phil wanted to butcher his deer together. Sometimes I think my dad likes Phil more than me. ha ha ha ;)

SICK DONT LOOK! this is Ace, Apple's future boyfriend and Pebbles, Apple's half sisiter.

The boys cut up the meat and my mom and I packaged it. so gross but Im proud of my guy!
We brought a TON of veggies home a week before this.
Pumpkins, pears, 4 kinds of tomatoes, tomatillos, zuchini, cucumber, green beans, oregon green giants, corn, egg plant, apples, banana peppers, jalepenos, carrots, 2 kinds of potatoes, rose mary, basil, oregano

Thursday, September 11, 2008