We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Raise + Genital Herpes

Time to celebrate! I got a raise today, Im viewing it as a birthday present from my job.
Unfortunately more money doesn't mean new designer jeans it just means more to go toward BILLS! BLAH!

I also had a Dr's appt today to to get a wart frozen off and to discuss an IUD. Heather and Crystal sucked me in!

I used to get warts on my right knee when I was little and for some annoying reason they came back this year. Phil said it was because Im dirty.... suuuuuuuuuure.

My Dr. said instead of scarring my leg by burning them off we can put this kemo cream on them... yep, the same cream they use for herpes!!

I picked up my prescription at Safeway this afternoon and I JUST KNEW the pharmacist was judging me, "this poor girl was promiscuous and got an STD"

I cant remember the last time I was more embarrassed.
I was extremely happy about my insurance coverage, it is so nice. The pharmacist said the cream was $300 and she doubted that my insurance would cover it because most dont, she came back and charged me $40, HORRAY!

So today I got a raise and genital herpe cream for my knee. BYE!
I love being busy! I need to remember to take pictures!

Monday Night:

It was Jessica and Casey's night for Abby's postpartum meal so they cooked at my house. It was funny having Bella, Betsy and Ruby.
We had yummy Turkey Tacos. Im going to start buying more turkey, I loved it.


I took the day off and had the opportunity to hack away at my to-do list. My license expires on Saturday, happy birthday to me!

Unfortunately it took me 6hrs to get my licensed renewed. LONG BORING FRUSTRATING STORY.

Community group was BBQ night. We had....TURKEY burgers. I think there is a trend I've been missing out on. We had a jersey party. Phil, Wubby and I had matching jerseys we found at goodwill.

Wednesday Night:

I got to cook for the Kirkbride Family. Chad is one of the best people to cook for, he is sooooooo appreciative for Filipino food, it just makes me want to cook more!

Adobo- chicken stuff

Lumpia- beef stuff ( I used Elk, taste the same)

My food didn't turn out normal?? The lumpia were exploding open and the chicken was very bland.. I've made this meal 100 times, not sure what happened. I guess I should do a re-do before Chad leaves.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Ruby's momma will be retrieving her from the PDX this afternoon. Unfortunately I wont be seeing her until Thursday, it is important to share my friend with her family.

What do you think of my drawing? This shows how bored I am today!

Monday, July 28, 2008

BLOG Catch-up

We did some stuff since Thursday Night:

1.) Kelley Family Dinner: say good bye to the parents for another 2 months
2.) Fontanos Family Dinner: seafood extravaganza
3.) Kirkbride Family Dinner: babies, babies, babies
4.) Fontanos Family Wine Tour: relational Christmas present finally organized
5.) Ryan and Jaimie's House Warming: big house, lots of land


Emma and Seth were showing everyone their tricks. It is so fun to see how different the are. Emma had LOTS to say and Seth was very content observing.

Seth is getting cuter and cuter every time we see him. He looks so much like Karen yet so much like Clark.
We spent quite a while in the living room staring at the babes. The are very entertaining. Emma tried to dominate Seth and made him cry... yet another reason The Bem is very bad! :-)

You can buy the babes the fanciest toys but all you really need are some old VHS tapes and a really awesome ottoman lid.

Grandma bought the babes some very fun headbands. Emma was too hungry to think this was funny.

Friday my parents and bros stopped by on the way to the coast. I told them to come back with seafood and I would could dinner. We had a very nice evening on the patio, I LOVE summer nights!

Cherry Habenero Tuna steak and Chicken Breast
Fresh Crab Legs w/ lemon butters
BBQ'd Pesto Oysters
Roasted Red Pepper garlic mashed potatoes
Asiago Asparagus
Kalamata Olive Bread
Roasted Corn on the Cob


Im so excited that Tanner is here... oh and of course Chad, Kylie and Tyler too. Saturday Phil and Chad went golfing, Jenn was working, Brad and Pete were working on the siding so Sharon, Kylie and I played with the babies. I tried my hardest to tag along as much as possible to hold Tanner as much as possible. He is so precious! He looks just like a baby man.


Phil and I paid for a Limo Wine Tour for my parents and grandparents. It was soooooo much fun!! It is probably my new favorite thing. I want to visit all the cellars/wineries/vineyards in the valley. To see the map and details click here.
This is a great website to plan your own tour!

Our 5 hour Tour:
Eola Hills-Brunch. 10 thumbs up!
Van Duzer-picture off their patio below
Left Coast Cellars

Van Duzer was beautiful! I haven't been to many but so far this one is my favorite. My mom treated me to any bottle of wine of my choice. after tasting all of them i chose my favorite....oops, it happened to be the most expensive one but my mom insisted. Now we need to find a special ocassion for our $50 bottle of wine.

The Ladies at Left Coast. (so i stared at this picture for a long time... do i look like my mom? She has the most beautiful blue eyes... I have always had a thing for blue eyes, that is why I married Phil. I think I look like my Filipino aunties... Do I look like my dad?)

So when we gave the present to my grand/parents I wrote out a note on a wine glass instead of a card. My grandma kept it and brought it on the tour for her own tasting glass, isn't she so cute!

We had a fun busy weekend! So far this summer every weekend has been fun and busy. I guess that is what happens when your husband is gone all week, you fill your weekends full to catch up.

Winkie's House
After lunch at the Woodsman for Thai food and a quick nap we made it to the Winkie's new house! It is nice and not that far away. They have a big field that we discussed a possible camp out... I vote yes!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Im Sad and Phil Is More Sad

Last night our red Ford Ranger got broken into. Phil discovered it a mess this morning. After a quick examination nothing looked missing. But I still couldn't help but feel violated.

This afternoon Phil calls me between class and work... his school bag is MISSING! The final for his summer class is THIS FRIDAY.

This makes me sad, all of his school work and his assignments... gone. I hope the professors are understanding, "sorry my backpack got stolen", must be a pretty normal excuse.

Dang! and I just got a very bad paper cut while making this post. ouch!

Was I The Last To Know??

Today I decided... I NEED to workout. I know, I know, I say this a lot. ha!

I searching Itunes for some upbeat running music when I came across the "Nike Sports Music". The was a little button that said "new" but I feel like I was the last to know. Do you know about it???

I did an entire training session with Serena Williams this morning. She bossed me around to fun upbeat music. NICE!

It is sooooooo good! Check them out if you haven't already. Itunes>Music>More In Music>Nike Sport Music>coaching runs

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Its a grey gray Tuesday

Bad News: I chickened-out on the Highlander. I think it is better to wait until my truck actually blows up, besides, I need extra money for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!

Good News: I went to the driving range yesterday and learned how to hit the ball... sorta.

Bad News: The Kettles are taking away the massage chair today, darn!

Good News: I had a dentist apt yesterday, 24 years of no cavities!

Better News: Jericho is in doggy heaven.
I found this disgusting bone at Bi-Mart. I was in search of a new dog bed because Jericho owed Chica a new one, he stole hers. I came across this huge bone and started cracking-up. One of the workers saw me and started laughing at me, "what is that crazy girl laughing at by herself?!" I had to buy it right?!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Busy Weekend


Knife River was one of the sponsors for the Linn County Fair this year so we met up at Mike's house (in the middle, one of the foremen) with Jason (on the right, the superintendent) and their wives to enjoy a night of bull riding and country music!

I didn't eat anything all day so I wouldn't feel so guilty eating burritos, elephant ears, fresh dipped corn dogs and icecream!

We hit up the carnival the traditional way. Pay a lot of money to win stupid, cheap stuffed animals and ride horrible rides that smell bad.

Phil forced me to go on a horrible ride and from this picture I think the guys regretted it!!!

We had a LOT of fun with the crew, they are a fun/funny bunch!


Phil had a full day at the bow-shoot in Kings Valley

I met my mom in the morning for the Corvallis saturday market, shopping and then went to Lebanon with her. My parents have an amazing garden, its huge! Jessica met me at my parents and took me to Pete and Jenn's where I watched Emma for a bit and baby Ruby and Emma got to play. Sooooooo cute!!!

Phil picked me up at 4 to rush to McMinville for a coffee culture friend's surprise 25th birthday we stayed for an hour to then rush home to make it to Kevin Boss' engagement party.

Us old folks hit the hay at 9:30pm on a Saturday night!!!!

The Usual: DOX, eat out, clean house, Phil studies.

The Unusual:

we might have found the car we want but we have to make our decision soon! It is an 03 Toyota Highlander and I love it! We need a new vehicle to be prepared for when my truck blows up and big-Jim has been calling us when he gets good trade-ins. We have been test driving vehicles for a while now and this one may be a winner!

We had family dinner without Phil at Pete and Jenn's. Wubby and Peter made AMAZING homemade pizza on the BBQ!! Im pretty sure Crystal took pictures so you can check her blog.

We played a funny game with Peter's IPHONE... you can hum or sing into his phone and it will find the song on ITUNES... its incredible... and funny. Im not the best singer and Pete tricked me by recording me instead.


Jericho is getting more and more girlfriends. I can't wait to bring home our little baby mushy bulldog puppy!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Golf Career Has Started

I hope to be the next Michelle Wei... is that her name?

Last night we went to see Jeff and Whit at their new Salem homestead. They live directly on a golf course and have golf included in their rent.

I've been patiently waiting the appropriate time for Phil to teach me to golf and last night was the night.

I went for the first time (other than put-put golf) and played 9 holes. It was a par-34ish and I hit an 83...oops
I need practice. but it was a lot of fun.
Phil had to teach me all the rules. I kept getting busted for talking when I wasn't suppose to. I felt like such a girl!

There are way to many clubs and I dont know what any of them do! My favorite was the Lob Wedge...I kept calling it the Log Wedge, I didn't know any better. Phil told me not to use it and it was only for getting out of the sand or high grass but for some reason I hit better with it, my drive and my put... so what!

Now all I need are these purple clubs... oh yeah, and to get good at golf!..... and maybe some new outfits. he he he

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My New Favorite Thing


So I haven't been good at keeping up with science.
I didn't get my first IPOD until last summer when I won the Dox raffle but the Peter broke it... thats ok because Phil almost burnt down their garage.

I finally purchased a shuffle and Im in the process of downloading all of my old favorite music from high school. Ben Kweller rocked my world.

Yesterday in Winco I decided to take Ben grocery shopping with me and I had a very hard time not dancing to (click here) .... ok so I was dancing while grocery shopping I don't care if I looked like an idiot. BYE!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We're Expecting!

Hopefully on my birthday, Aug. 2nd we'll be able to bring home a new baby girl. Her name will be Aspen(if Phil lets me name her).

Jericho's Daughter!

Hopefully she will look like Jericho! He was such a cute little guy!

He was always so tired!

A Baby Man from the beginning!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Worker Guy

So yesterday my husband left the house at 6am and didn't get home until midnight. He worked an 18hr day(2hrs of class in the middle). I feel so lucky to have a guy that works so hard for his famary.

And he has a great sense of style.

I have a big crush on him.

Ub you big time David! (yes, his nickname is David and mine is Jaimie... long story)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Fun

Im so proud to be a Philomathite. This was my first parade and it wont be my last. The best seat is next to the new La Rockita, yummy breakfast burritos.

The Roes. Bre and I have the same pictures, again.

An American Hero. I had a great time at the rodeo getting to know Bre (Kevin's Bre) better. We are so happy for the newly engaged!

Big Jim is so silly.

yes, the swim cap was a joke. and Hey Bre! "fare is fare."
Parade, Rodeo, Swimming, Babysitting Emma, Naps, Baby Shower... great weekend!!