We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I watched it, I loved it.

I never like posting strong opinions on my blog. I use my blog as somewhat of a journal to keep our grandmas and moms up-to-date with our lives. But this Food Revolution has gotten me really excited. Over the past few years I have been educating myself on nutrition and preparing for the huge responsibility of keeping my family healthy. I'm lucky to be surround by so many moms who are already setting a GREAT example.

Ruby had posted a speech given by Jamie Oliver. His new show premiers this Friday @ 8pm. I of course will wait until it airs on www.hulu.com.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dead Week

Dead week is a slang term for the week before final exams in the United States of America. The week is known thus because of the propensity for university students to study for exams, and because papers/projects are often due. Students prepare for the exams and papers by pulling all-night study sessions, often with the aid of stimulants such as coffee, caffeine tables and energy drinks. During this period some students will suffer from sleep deprivation, increased irritability, and stress. At some schools this week is referred to as Hell Week, Reading Period, or Reading Week.

This is a photo of my precious husband finishing his 45th hour on a huge project for his highway design class. He has been swamped and ghost-like. Dead weak is prominent in this household.Just one more term until we leave for Phil's summer internship and then come back for 2 more terms until Graduation....

Monday, March 1, 2010

Kelley Fam

Thursday the Kelley Family got together at Papa's Pizza to welcome home Chuck from his Latvian travels. Papa Chuck had not yet met 6wk old baby Mo.
we love our cuddly Mo-Mo
Emma, with my help, took pictures of everyone. Teaching her to use the camera is a great distraction while waiting for our food.
She loves taking pictures of herself.
Cousin Elizabeth
Aunt Karen
Auntie Crystal
more Emma and Nu-Nu
more Bill and Elizabeth
Friday night Uncle Bill and Dada had an out of town birthday party so Bem and I had a girls only sleepover at Nu-Nu's house. Our last few dates when I ask her what she wants for dinner she says "soup please with noodles". Emma LOVES asain soup! Especially Pho. She even eats the weird meatballs. This time we went to Blue Sky for some Chinese. Once again we played with the camera while we waited for our food.

Saturday afternoon we went Whacky Bounce.

Emma's artistic angles.

me and my bestfriend.