We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm So In Love!

2 Years down, 90 more to go!

It's our Anniversary! Partay! Then its New Years! Partay! Then its Cabo! Partay! See you in 2009 Blog World!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

Soo its been a busy week for everyone...obviously none of you have been posting!
We are still out of town but I was going through internet withdraws:
have to blog...
must blog...
how will any of my friends know where we are?.
I have work off 12/25-1/12!
Forgot to mention Christmas Day thru Sunday my side of the family rented an amazing, gorgeous beach house in Lincoln City. Then we have a few days home before we leave for Cabo Anniversary 2008! Weeeeeeee!
I hope everyone had an awesome time with their fams. Probably wont find time to blog again for a while. Peace OUT.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I've been diagnosed!

Some of you know that I get these weird, unexplainable sneezing fits/allergy attacks that totally wipe me out and only go away when I go to sleep.

I haven't been able to pin point what I am allergic too and I get these attacks all year round. When an attack does occur, allergy medicine doesn't help. So I don't really think I'm allergic to something.

Well last night I got another bad attack. so Nancy did some research. She found multiple studies relating stress to sneezing.


Psychogenic Sneezing

or as Phil would call it; Pshyco-Jenna Sneezing

here is one of the studies if you want read it click here

Basically when you get really stressed out your body releases endorphines and for some releases histamines, that is why I'm having allergy attacks an prolonged sneezing.

This is just a study, I know, but still... NOTHING has ever made sense about my attacks and finally something does.

So I'm the weirdo that sneezes when I get really stressed out. Don't make fun of me!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Dear Santa

I want this game so bad! I've wanted it since I saw it on a commercial this fall. I've been to 3 STORES and everyone is sold out!

Im horrible at drawing but I just love pictionary, LOVE IT! This has to be the coolest game ever but I will never know, because no one has it!

Jenn Look!

I was looking through old pictures. fun right?!

Redmond 22degrees, Corvallis 30degrees

The guys are snowed out today, according to www.tripcheck.com the pass has gained 20more inches since we came over! That freaks me out... we might have to stay here forever!

And my hands are so dry that they hurt so I have to wear gloves while I work to keep them moist. It is weird I know but what else am I suppose to do?
The boys went to the cafe to hangout. Phil and Jim have had both breakfast and lunch there everyday! I just love this! How fun would it be to have a place in Corvallis that all of our friends both owned and worked at?? A constant place to hangout! Pub or coffee shop?! The best part is that most all of us already have coffee/management experience! Probably not coffee shop, Corvallis already has one million! Come on lets do it!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Afternoon at the Cafe

I went on an adventure all by myself... terrified of driving in the snow! I needed to go check on Brea and make sure the boys didnt blow up the Cafe.

Oh, and I took a leg razor and started shaving my hair to give it texture... I got a little too carried away and gave myself bangs...so what!

The path before me to the shop was intimidating. So snowy, it was hard to see, but I had 4wheel drive and I survived.
Eveything was under control, in fact they were have a blast! Phil shouldn't finish his degree, we should move to bend and wash dishes for the Cafe... WAY MORE FUN. Brea let me make my own drink, its been over a year since I've touched an espresso machine and, well...

its like riding a bike!!! I sure miss it! Maybe Coffee Culture needs a weekly volunteer, I'd work for free, its that fun for me!
Phil-Gil was the best/hottest damn dishwasher I've ever seen.

He also took a turn as the chef, phil made my lunch and a few others.Kristy made a delicious potato chowder and Phil made me their Walnut Salad with feta, cranberries and strawberries.

The best part was the parmesan lace bowl! Isn't that beautiful?! Taste amazing!

Im suppose to be getting in shape for Cabo... naaaaaaahh! I'm already married, I dont care who sees my chub rolls anymore! ha ha ha

Redmond 33degrees, Corvallis 35degrees

Its snowing again! Thank goodness! My skin is so stinkin dry from all the freezing weather, at least the snow is putting moisture back in the air. I look extra asian in this picture, ha ha ha.
. Everyone is at work at the Cafe. I guess the chef called in sick so the boys are helping in the kitchen???!! I can only imagine what is going on over there right now.

Yesterday I spent the last half of my afternoon at the shop. I had 3 drinks an yummy lunch, Bre is so good at her job! The Cafe was packed the whole time I was there.
I ordered the soup de jour... thats the soup of the day with salad and bread. Yummy 4 cheese veggie soup. I really apreciate that Bre gives her Chef the freedom to just whip up whatever for the daily specials.

The boys also came for their lunch break... don't the look great?! The workerman on the left got a NY Dip and the workerman on the right got a panini, soup and salad.What will I order today???

Last night I made a nice country dinner per the boys request of meatloaf, mashers and peas. Then retired in the living room for a christmas movie, I was the only one who stayed awake for it. Everyone was crashed on the couch and floor by 8:30pm then I got woken up at 3:25am by Phil's incredibly bad gas!! Really, it was aweful enough to wake me up!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Redmond 13degrees, Corvallis 25degrees

So when all my worker-bees came home last night we got ready for a very nice dinner out. We met up with Bend locals, Amy and Grant at Canyons in Redmond.

I had the "Smith Rock". Giant pile of mashed potatoes with 2pieces of chicken breast stabbed in the middle sitting up right then smothered with mushroom cheese gravy. It looked like Smith Rock.

Monday night we grocery shopped for the week's dinners. I allowed the boys to create the menu ...tonight, meatloaf! . I made a master list and divided it up into 4s so we would get done fast. Everyone stuck to their list except for Jim. Jim is the funniest person to shop with
Jim's list was simple:
sour cream
frozen peas

when I found him he also had:
pumpkin pie
giant can of jalepenos
frozen fish sticks
a christmas popcorn tin
cheese dip

oh, Jimmy. Bre of course made him put most of it back.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Redmond 10degrees, Corvallis 21degrees

A gorgeous day at the ROE residents. I could get used to this. Beautiful sunny blue sky! I don't care that its stinkin cold as long as it is pretty.Boss Lady gettin ready for work.
I love Christmas trees by the fire place, soooooooo cozy.
Hey Jenn, if you didn't know:

The snow here is so dry an powdery, I love it!
So everyone is back at work.
I'll just be here working, unloading the dishwasher, working, putting in a load of laundry, working, cleaning the bathroom, working... I'm Bre's new housewife, Phil and I need to earn the roof over our head.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Let Me Tell You Whats On My Mind

Cabo San Lucas Current Conditions:
Partly Cloud
Mostly Cloudy82.7F

Redmond 6degrees, Corvallis 27degrees

So we're here! Made it safely over the crazy pass it only took 4.5hrs... I had to ride most of the way with no pants... we took a potty break and I got my pants all snowy.

So last night Jim and Bre had an indoor soccer game. They won, hooray!! Bre is incredible, I had no idea she was such an amazing soccer player! Jim had the best goal of the night... he tricked the goalie and kicked the ball backward and scored, it was amazing the whole arena was laughing!

So after a freezing night, it got to minus 12 degrees, we had to start the morning right with breakfast at Bre's new place, FINALLY i get to try it out and.........
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! No, REALLY! Im not just saying this because Bre is my friend but they have the best, most gourmet breakfast I have ever had. It is such a cute little coffee house, and you would have no idea that they have the most amazing 20yr old chef. I plan on trying everything this week!!!

So today I had the Benedict of the Day, yep he has a new one everyday its awesome!

A Dill Parmesean Bernaise Sauce over a poached egg with candian bacon and a slice of thick rosemary toast. I guess the chef won a cooking contest a gift certificate for fancy meat and wine so that canadian bacon was like a $50 slab or something.
I could only eat half...here are my leftovers:

Phil is working with Jim all week, I think he is building a patio or something? I guess I should know why we're here but I dont ha ha ha?! We are totally unprepared for this weather!! I didn't even bring a winter hat!! The snow is amazing, its so dry and powdery, its weird to see people sweeping the sidewalk, Valley snow is so wet.
Hey Ruby here is my office for the week. It's fun to have a change of pace. Jim thanks for letting me use your 4-in-one.

So I sorta rearranged our room so I could face out the window...I hope Bre doesnt mind but Im kinda weird and love rearranging people's homes/rooms.. when Jess and I lived in the dorms I would rearrange our room once a month, she hated it! Thanks for being so patient with me Jessi!So everyone is working this week, its hard, I wish we could all just PLAY!!!

Sorry for over using 'amazing', 'awesome' and the exclamation point!

Happy 24th Birthday Boo Boo

You are sooooooooooooooooo cool! And I love you!
(sorry I couldn't find a better photo I don't have my computer this week!)

Friday, December 12, 2008

We're Moving To Redmond

Well not forever but.....
Phil is on Christmas break so we are going to go spend a week with Jim and Bre, one of the perks to having an internet job. We are leaving this Sunday and coming back next Saturday. See ya later Willamette Valley!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Emma's Not Doing Her Job

I've been Emma's Asian Nanny every Wednesday night for the last 5 or 6 months I love being Auntie Noodle . I rely on her to fill my desire-to-have-a-baby-void but last night Emma did not do her job!

So I've had the pleasure of watching Emma 4 nights in the last week
So our typical bed time routine

bath time to wash her dinner out of her hair
go to her room and change into pjs initiates the crying
turn all the lights off/low in the house to tell her its mellow time
give her a sippy cup of soy milk and look at books
when the soy is empty its the end of the world
7:15-7:30 down for bed with 5-10mins of crying.

Last Night

Jenn already had her bath done.
I put on her pj's one arm/leg at a time while chasing her silly naked bum around the house
turned down all the lights
gave her the soy as she cuddled on my lap then moved to sitting at my feet.
the soy was out, THEN no crying... she just sat there and stared off into space.
Emma then turned around, looked at me, smiled and reached to be held.
we sat in the black chair and just hugged, i rocked her and rubbed her back, it was so peaceful and sweet.
I walked her to her room put her down in her bed and she didnt move!
I covered her with blankets and rubbed her back for a while and snuck out, NOT A SOUND!
asleep by 7:15!

ps. we had a fun time at the park this last weekend Saturday's weather was amazing. I took 300+ pictures with my new cheapy costco camera. It has a sepia setting. I'm avoiding going through them.

I've been wanting a pair since last Christmas and I keep forgetting!

Friday, December 5, 2008

I Pulled My Calf Muscle In My Sleep?!

How did this happen???
I woke up at 5:20am screaming, crying..
Phil woke up so confused, "Do you need a banana?"
I pushed him away, "don't touch it don't touch it, no babe go back to sleep."

Today Im limping, it hurts so bad.
I also woke up at 3am uncontrollably coughing/choking .. the air got so dry in our room last night.

Bad Nights Rest
(Abby still wins.)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wednesday Afternoon

Phillip is pretty good at coming home for lunch between school and more school. This is pretty standard. On the bed, laptop, chewing on his ring. It is safe to say he does this almost everyday/night.Poor Apple. She is growing up to look more and more like her dad.

And sometimes that tongue is just too big to stay in her mouth.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2nd Anniversary Booked!

We've decided to celebrate our BIG 2 the same way we did our BIG 1.CABO BABY!
The fun thing about having our anniversary 5 days after Christmas is that we skip the presents and go on vacation! maybe someday I'll want jewelery or something but for now...

We booked 5nights at the All-Inclusive Riu Santa Fe (opened in 2007).

I made sure to read the fine print, this is a true all-inclusive! I cant wait to lounge in a chair on the beach "waiter I'll have another margarita" and not worry a thing about money!SHOOT! PHIL AND I NEED TO WORK OFF SOME LOVE CHUB!!
I'll be at the gym for the next 4 weeks!

So I was searching through photos from last year and I didn't realize the Riu Santa Fe was right next to the Villa Del Palmar.. how funny!feel free to go ahead and come with us! Look it up on Expedia
COUNT DOWN: 30 days

Some Stuff

So I got a new camera. A very standard and normal costco purchase to tide-me-over until I get my dream camera, so I can take lots of pictures of...well Pete Jenn and Emma, that seems to be what happens.

Beautiful Kayla Kirkbride turned 21 the day before Thanksgiving, I made her some stuff and we took her to the casino.
I didnt know you werent suppose to have a camera in a casino, oops!
We rented a hotel room, it was super fun!
Jenny made Kayla the most delicious flourless chocolate cake. mmmm, I wish I had some in my mouth right now.
Thanksgiving was spent at the Kirkbrides. Brad and Sharon had an awesome spread! I ate so much! I was in charge of the potatoes and I overestimated, maybe I didnt need to make 2 bags of potatoes for 14people.

Then of course there was the civil war. I got to spend lots of time my Tiffy. I miss that girl!

Too bad Phil can't ever be normal. We had an awesome tailgate party! The party was better than the game! I ate a LOT of cheese dip, mmmmmmm.
Sunday we had a nice prime rib dinner at my parents and then I went to bed at 7:00pm.