We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Portland Saturday

We had a FULL awesome Saturday July 17th. Phil started the day having to work boo, but only a half day, yay!

Abby and Denny came up and we met up with Tiff and her sister Nicole and headed to the west side. We did some walking and some eatin'. I miss my neighbor!
Can you believe Denny??? Gotta Love him!

After a few hours walking around the west side we head back to our stomping grounds for a quick stop at St. Cupcake. Phil and Denny went to Belmont Inn to play pinball and us girls visited in our apartment. Tiff and Nicole had to leave for Tiff's Family Bday and Phil, Abby and Denny had to leave for a wedding reception in Mollala. It was a hard decision but I decided not to go.
Ryan and Holly, our awesome neighbors/landlords/friends were hosting a house show in their backyard and I was helping with the little babes. It was a blast! Ryan had some home brewed beer and wine and we sat underneath the beautiful blanket of hanging grapevines entwined in white lights. I need to take a better picture of it for you to see. It should be in a magazine!
Phil made me breakfast in bed, what a cute nugget. I had no idea that that would be our last day in our Portland home for a while.... Thursday the 15th we found out Phil would be working in Bothell, Wa for a week or two and now we found out we'll be here until.....well... "whenever something changes." Not sure what that means. We could be coming home next week or next month. I guess its an adventure.

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The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Sad that you aren't in Portland for me to jet up and visit every weekend....but fun that you get to experience lots and lots of new things!
PS....I wanna go to the next house show by Holly and Ryan!
PPS...I miss Belmont and Stumptown and waffle window.