We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1,188 things to do!

Phil and I hit our first weekend in Bothell, head on, ready to do LOTS of fun stuff.

Friday we explord downtown Kirkland(85th street on east side of Lake Washington) sooooooooo cute. Tons of restaurants and right on the lake. We got tired and went to bed early.

Saturday we sat at our laptop and looked at Seattle Weekly's website with all the things to do in the Puget Sound.....um.... we spent 3hrs(talking before breakfast, during and after) reading until we got overwhelmed and decided to stay in town. HA! There were literally 1,188 things to do on Saturday July 24th. Unbelievable.

Phil had a master plan to pack a wine and cheese picnic and head to Bothell Landing and chill by the river.
may favorite type of meal. lots of snackies!
There are a ton of paved paths here just like Corvallis. I run along the river a lot. The Sammish River trail is a 10mile trail from Bothell to Redmond. Maybe I'll work up the courage to run it. Don't quote me but I think its also apart of the Burke-Gilman trail something about an old rail road from Seattle to Snoqualmie Falls was paved into a path all along the river 47miles. So awesome.

After our restful picnic we went in search of the best pinball machine in town. During our journey Phil of course met all kinds of weird people but we were able to get to know more about the area. We ended up in Kenmore, which I'd say is the same as Philomath is to Corvallis, at a quaint little bar on the lake. I dominated Phil in pinball, YES!

Sunday was a good lazy day. We slept in, moved hotels then napped. We have to move hotels because we can only book one week at a time, its kind of annoying but we get to try out different places which I think is fun.

Sunday evening my Cousin Deanne organized a family dinner in Bothell at the Red Hook Brewery.
Evan(Deanne's boyfriend), Deanne, my uncle D.
The brewery is in a touristy area surround by wineries. One that may sound family is Chateau St. Michelle http://www.ste-michelle.com/
The brewery had a fun beer sampler. I liked that it gave you a placemat with a description for each beer.

My Uncle D is actually my dad's cousin but they basically grew up brothers. My Aunt Claudia is the youngest... I think 7yrs younger than my dad?

My cousins. Our birthdays are in August. Deanne on the left is one year older, I'm in the middle and then Nikki is one year younger than me. I'm excited to spend more time with these girls. Phil loves them!

The group.
my cute aunt and uncle. It would be so fun to own one of these and cruise around in the summers!


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Cute dress...
So are you likening the meetin place to the cute little bar next to the lake ;)

peteandjenn said...

Such a fun adventure! If i didn't have you know who and her little squishy friend I'd come visit. And over stay. You'd want me to go.