We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Famiry Wacation @ Lake Tapps

I was horrible at taking pictures of family vacation. Jenn and Crystal will probably post as well so Im covered.

We had an amazing 4 night vacation east of Tacoma with the fam. There were multiple times when I was blown away at how awesome our house was and that we are using it for free.

We had a huge beautiful house with:
lake front
2 jet skis
boat with all the toys
paddle boat
gas powered surf board
water trampoline
land trampoline
slide into the lake
5 bedrooms, 1 bunkroom

View from the dock.
View from the deck. thre is a little mini beach/mini lake made for small kids. If you look closely you can see our amazing view of Mt. Rainier. The sunsets were awesome when the mountain turned purple/red.

Dad spent a lot of time painting.

My body is still soar from riding the "taco" it is a 3 person ski biscuit. Crystal Jenn and I had so much fun screaming and falling.

Advice for your family vacation:
Well of course I was concerned about the food. I really like how we chose to organize the meals. Mom and Dad did all the breakfasts we had light lunches and each couple was in charge of preparing/cleaning a dinner for the fam. It was fun and organized and we didnt have loads of leftovers like we usually do. You should try it.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Casey Hurt?

Im looking forward to Angelina Jolie's new movie; Wanted.

Casey didn't tell me he was cast as the hero/Angelina's love interest!

Hey Lewis! Great Party!

Lewis I had a great time at your birthday party. Im sorry you couldn't make it. Everyone misses you and Rubes, you have a great community of friends in Corvallis. COME HOME!!

Pants is home Im so happy. She is leaving for France soon, lucky!

Wubby made the most amazing brawts! I can't tell you his secret recipe but his method is to marinate first then grill, but let me tell you... the best brawts I have EVER had.. mmm!

The party was byom and I made 2olbs of homemade mac n cheese. no joke

Sean got the award for best tank top.

A lot of people came, even Tiffers! What a great night!

So the next morning I woke up and chica had attacked a bag of buns and ate both the buns and the bag. she had a yucky tummy and had to sleep outside. I was worried Jericho would steal her bed so I put 2 outside. Look how cute they were when I found them the next morning.

Friday, June 20, 2008

BBQ Tonight!

Tonight we are throwing Lewis' a 25th birthday party at our house.
See ya there!

Bring your towel and swimsuit for the hottub!

Lewis I hope you can make it!
PS. I ate poptarts today for the first time in a decade!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Jessi! Love You! A WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE 12yrs OF FRIENDSHIP

Middle School. I'll never forget the day we declared "bestfriendship". Jennifer Howard's birthday party in 7th grade. We didn't get along in 6th grade because we both had a crush on Nick Swanson.

Funny story. After 6 years of not living at home my mom finally repainted my bedroom but she couldn't bring her self to paint all of it. She left our handprints that were on the back of the built-in shelf. You, me, Kellie, Linzi, Lesley and Kristin, THE SIX! Remember?
We were too nice to exclude anyone from our 'buddy picture'.
Hey its Caylan! she looks mad.

High School. So I only tried out for the LHS dance team because you made me. Wait, the only reason I tried out for Western Oregon is because you made me..... you've played a huge part in my life decision making. I can't even imagine my life without dance?! Thanks for bossing me around!
Senior... I also think I only did STARS because you made me. Wow!

So my computer crashed and I have no pictures from college. sad! Maybe all my college friends should email me some.. thanks.

So we were roommates our freshman year, housemates our sophmore & junior year and then I was the maid-of-honor in your wedding. I cried the whole day. Im still embarrassed about my speech. You were/are incredibly beautiful!

And then you were the maid-of-honor in my wedding. Isn't that cool! You were so great, actually, Im wearing my Mrs. Kelley robe you got me right now. Yes, I still haven't showered today.

Wow, we are adults now and you are a mommy. Im so proud of you and so thankful that God has kept us together. Lets be friends until we are 85yrs old.

So I googled "12years" to see if I could think of something clever.

We've been friends for a whole Chinese cycle!

" The Chinese animal signs are a 12-year cycle used for dating the years. They represent a cyclical concept of time, rather than the Western linear concept of time. The Chinese Lunar Calendar is based on the cycles of the moon"


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Last Night In Pasadena

Lewis didn't get much sleep last night so tonight was all about the girl time. How should we end this 18day trip? Why not end it the way we started it?!
Yep, we went to see SATC one more time.
After some more shopping we ate at a glorious brazilian restaurant, Malagueta. I cant pronounce what I ordered or what Ruby did but this is what it looked like:

I thought it would be a great celebration to order the PITCHER of sangria.... We each drank half a glass. The waitress found an empty wine bottle so it wouldn't all go to waste. oops.

This is my beef stuff. sooooo good! The different sauces and flavors were explosions in my mouth.

Ruby ordered the national dish of Brazil, pork stuff.

We walked home to change into comfy shoes and clothes before the 10:20pm showing of SATC. Of course we stopped for ice-cream first. cake batter w/ strawberries. NICE

It was a great way to spend my last night!

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Picture Journal Is Almost Over....but not yet

Our last swim in the pool... sad! I really need to move to an apt now!

1/2Master Lewis is sooo cool!

So we ordered celebration pizza by the pool. Standard Pepperoni and Chipotle Chicken.... wait whuuuuuut?! We got plain cheese!!!

I called immediately and guess what: We got 4 pizzas all for free. I love American customer service!

I maybe ate way too much.

Tonight is my last night with Boo and Leuus... we haven't made plans yet but we need to do something awesome!


Im so freaked out!

Today is my last full day in Cali... so sad.
Today is my brother Joel's 27th bithday... so nice!
Today I had to cover the 6am shift... so sad.
Today I'm meeting my Uncle Ken for dinner... so nice!
Today I need to do laundry... so sad.
Today Phil started his first day of work... so nice!
Today I found out we get our stimulus check July 11th... so sad!

Hey PDX! See you tomorrow at 5:45pm

Lakers vs Celtics: game 4

Due to the game Ruby and I had no other choice but to hit up Colorado Blvd. one last time before I leave.

MAC and H&M treated us well... VERY well. Im so jealous Ruby is ONLY 3 blocks away from all my top-favorite stores and other stores I'd like to make my favorite, then again, I would be poor and divorced so maybe Im not.

Shopping was long and hard. We replenished our bodies at Kabuko. A nice Japanese restaurant on the strip.

We ordered the edamame appetizer, classic California roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll and a Volcano Roll that came out NOT in a roll but a MOUND.

Our final dish was Soy Ramen. mmmmmm... it was just as good as my favorite Top Ramen... ok, maybe better.

On the walk home something very naughty caught my eye. Through the window of Temptations (appropriately named) I saw the most beautiful chocolate chip cookie, so soft and gewy I HAD TO HAVE IT!

mmmmmmmm sooo good! But not as good as Jenn/Kylie/Sharon's cookies! Jenn, why don't you just go ahead and have some ready for me when I get home, OK!? (So I don't have to)

At least there was ONE victory in LA last night...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Lunch Break For Champions

Of course we started our hour off with some sun, Emily joined us.

Poor Lewis has to do a crummy research paper...yes if you counted correctly he has to read 8 books.

who looks like they can jump the furthest?

Lewis and I scooted over to Rick's. When I was here in Aug and now here on this trip I keep hearing, "you gotta go to Rick's!"

So...I did it!

Phil are you proud of me? I got a Rick's cheeseburger on sourdough. Love you miss you!