We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

We're Still Here I PROMISE!

I'm still a frequent blog reader but haven't been much of a post'er.

I know you know the feeling: the further I get behind the more I procrastinate updating!

I missed all of Sept, Oct, Nov and Now Dec!

I think I'll start fresh with the new year! See you in 2011 Blog World!

Our dogs are still alive and still not smart. They sit here everyday outside my office window. How could you NOT laugh at them? Apple has been gaining weight, I think shes a little self conscious about it. Jericho still sleeps standing up.
Ruby sucks and is moving out 5months early! Lewis and Boobs are moving to Senegal for Jan, Feb and Mar then coming back home for April and May-ish. So we'll have an empty guest room for you to come stay!!!!!!!!!!

With the departure of Ruby and Lew we are adding a NEW ROOMMATE... Miss Heather. I'm looking forward to living with my gym partner. I envision our alarms going off at 5:10am and Heather yelling across the hallway, "Jenna its time to wake up and get our dance on!"