We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Heatbeat, Vomit and Guests

Today Phil and I got to hear little Ching's heart beat! It was a beautiful little sound! We scheduled our gender appointment for Sept 12th. SO SOON!!!!

My pregnancy has been a roller coaster. First trimester was miserable. My morning sickness was all day long. I couldn't see, smell or eat food. 90% of the food I ate I would throw up...there was this terrible mental battle if I eat I get sick, if I don't eat I'll get more sick. As person who loves to cook food, read about food, write about food and watch t.v. shows about food I was stuck in an 8week depression force feeding myself peanut butter toast.

One of these depressing evenings Phil decided to have a left over pork chop as a late night snack. The smell of his little snack sent me straight to the bathroom to up-chuck the minimal substance in my body. Phil came in to bring me water and then the smell on his breath initiated a 2nd round of heaving. I went straight to bed. When I felt Phil crawl in next to me there was a strong smell of peanut butter. I asked him why he smelled like peanut butter and he said, "babe I ate a spoonful of peanut butter instead of brush my teeth so I can sleep next to you". ha ha ha very sweet and SMART!

I'll be ending my 15th week on Wednesday and I'm still battling nausea. This time its only at night and happens when I eat too late or get too tired. I struggle grocery stores. The smells are too strong, I usually end up grabbing a plastic produce bag and hold it as my vomit-exit strategy.

I don't think I've had too many hormonal moments... I find myself snapping at Phil when I get hungry, I realize how unreasonable I am and quickly apologize. Phil is good at handling me...he never takes anything personally.

I don't think I'm showing yet, I just look bloated. My clothes still fit but feel most comfortable in stretchy dresses...good thing I live in Hawaii. I'll be wearing stretchy dresses everyday!

We had an amazing week with Abby and Denny. It confused my brain to have them here then have them leave. I felt like I got a little piece of home back and then it was torn out of my hands! ha ha ha. ok i dont need to be so dramatic. I'll let A&D blog about their trip.

This is what we do on the weekends. We set up shop and chill at the beach. Im looking forward to all of our upcoming guests!

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Pair of Babies

Our last night in Corvallis we spent the night at Pete and Jenn's. We woke up to Emma and Mo crawling on us and and a nice graduation card for Phil signed by Pete, Jenn, Emma, Mo and "?". It took a while for it to sink in that Jenn was PREGNANT! That evening we left for Kelley family vacation. The next morning I woke up and found out I was pregnant. ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! I almost told Jenn before I told Phil ha ha ha. Anyway the following week Jenn helped us move to Hawaii. PREGGO SISTERS DUE AROUND THE SAME TIME!

Jenn had special plans of how she wanted to tell the Kirkbride family and the Kelley family on father's day but she was flexible to change her plans for me....such a nice lady. There was no way I could wait until father's day to tell the Kelley family and it would be waaaaaaaay more fun to hit them with a double whammy. The evening after I found out I was preggo Pete proposed a toast to Chuck and Nancy for their anniversary congratulating them on many years of marriage, 4 kids and 5 grand kids(currently they only had 4) Chuck and Nancy immediately realized Pete and Jenn were announcing another baby and everyone started yelling, it was a great celebration. Jenn revealed a "big brother shirt" that Mo-Mo was wearing. After the crowd settled down Phil and I present Chuck and Nancy with an Anniversary card and gift we had purch ased ahead of time and signed the card Phil, Jenna and Ching(just like Jenn did to Phil). It was such a special memory I will never forget! Lucky for me Pete happened to get video on his Iphone.

It was hard for me to have to tell my Family and our bestfriends over the phone....I almost drove from Seattle to Corvallis/Lebanon just to tell. Thank goodness for technology and we were able to Skype a lot of people. I figured out how to take "screen shots" on my phone and I realize now it would have been fun to take photos of everyone. But here are a few people we told and their reactions:
My Parents Were excited, in disbelief then over-joyed!! I've been looking forwa rd to this moment for years! I loved telling my parents.
Telling Abby and Denny. LOVE Abby's Face!
Telling the Riley's was also fun. I look bad but NATHAN LOOKS AMAZING ;-).

We had to wait a week to Brad and Sharon so Jenn could tell them her big news first. I got nervous they would find out about me before I could tell them so I frantically started texting people telling them it was a secret...ha ha ha ha. This special call took place while we were driving. I love technology!
We got a lot of amazing reactions! I'm kicking myself for not taking screen shots of everyone... It was a very fun and special time telling friends.

As far as telling the DAD-to-be...I had thought about it for years how I would want to tell Phil but to my surprise I was way to shocked and nervous I didnt even care about being creative. I just woke him up gently and reminded him Mo-Mo is going to be a big brother(a topic of humor to us at the time) and was going to be a role-model to his cousin Ching. Phil kept asking me "really, is this for real" We had a special tearful moment and then I made him go outside with me where Pete and Jenn were alone with the kids to tell Jenn ASAP! I was dying and Jenn's reaction beats any birth announcement I've ever seen. Screaming, jumping, running....that would have been a GREAT video!

Monday, August 1, 2011

In The Middle Of The Ocean

So far marjority of my first trimester was spent throwing up and sleeping so I don't have any exciting andventures to post. Despite all the nasty barfing I'm happy that I haven't had any irrational hormonal emotional explosions. I totally anticipated being the crazy pregnant lady crying about everything...maybe this is still in my future.

During the work week Phil and I both start work at 6am, I get off at 2pm and nap until Phil gets home. Phil gets home between 6:30pm-7:30pm. We usually eat dinner outside, watch a show then go to bed. BORING.

Phil is loving his job and has made a few friends. I'm really happy and excited for him. One of his friends is a local guy, his wife just had a baby last week, I cant wait to meet her and snuggle their baby. I have crazy baby fever...waiting for Ching is soooooooo hard.

Our weekends consist of going to the beach and working on the house. Everything is very expensive here so we try to keep our weekends simple and save the "touristy stuff" for when friends get here to visit...we don't exactly want to go to Pearl Harbor 8 times so we're saving up these kind of events for the future.

I'm finally starting to feel like a human again so I hope to be more outgoing the 5hours I wait for Phil to get home. :-) It has been really nice having an old friend from home living here, some of you may know Nicci. We lived together for a short while back in college, she has been here 8years. We've gone on a few adventures and we have many more planned.

We've had a few hangouts with Sean and Jessica, the pastor in Kailua that Doxology is affiliated with. They are a lot of fun, appreciate good food and have 3 adorable little kids. We like them a lot and hope to join their community. Its a 20minute drive to the other side of of our giant 500sq.mi. island and they meet before Phil gets off work...we have some scheduling to figure out.

The weather to most is amazing and always 86 and sunny... but to me its too hot. I cant wait for winter when its in the 70s. I'm stranded in the middle of the ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you looked at a map lately? Hawaii is soooooo isolated. I'm missing Oregon summer LIKE CRAZY! Its the best time of year to be an oregonian and I'm missing it! I'm missing the rodeos, strawberry picking, festivals, bbqs, long nights, fires. You dont have fires here. The coldest it gets at night is 75. We need to buy a water feature or something to sit around?! ha ha Im not complaining about living in paradise...when it hits fall, winter, spring I will LOVE IT...BUT nothing beats an Oregon summer.

The Highlight of My Week:http://youtu.be/Hmk1m_AiIf0
I had my 2nd appointment on Wednesday and got to see Ching again! Our littl babe was very busy until I brought out the video...but you can still see its cute little heart beat. My official due date is Feb 22-24th.

The Highlight of Phil's Week: http://youtu.be/_P9J1t8EymM
Saturday we set up our beach station at Ewa Beach. Phil brought his trout pole and took a stab at some shore fishing. The locals at the beach told us the fish was an 'ulua' and they couldnt believe Phil caught that off shore. Our neighbor at home said people try months and years to get these guys, especially the size Phil landed. This made Phil very excited. We had an excellent dinner Saturday night!