We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, December 31, 2007



So we already celebrated our anniversary in Cabo but we thought it would be fun to celebrate the official date in Sunriver. After we got home from Kelley Family Christmas we drove to Redmond, over the pass in the middle of the night!! SO crazy... Jim and Bre let us stay at their parents house. It was absolutely gorgeous there! It snowed off and on and the sky was blue blue blue! We tied inner-tubes to the 4-wheeler (pics soon to come) it was a blast!! Last night we went to the village had a nice italian dinner, tried to ice skate but it was too cold! I settled for an icecream cone from Goody's. We are back in Redmond and Bre and I are both at work. Tonight we'll hit up the town and celebrate the NEW YEAR!!!! Good thing Bre and Jim's apartment is on top of the bar, ha! Peace out!

Monday, December 24, 2007

HOW SATAN FIRES TRIED TO RUIN CHRISTMAS...Its 2am again and I cant sleep.

Today after church Phil and I thought we were having a nice afternoon. We made lunch, built a fire and started a movie. Pete came home to shower before he went to the Kirkbrides. Before he showered Phil and Pete went in the garage to have a casual Christmas clove. After Pete's shower we noticed the house slowly started getting smokey so we figured it was because of the wet wood. Pete left, we finished the 45min that was left in our movie.

Phil decided to go to our room, (that has a door to the garage) to take a Sunday nap. When he openned the door he discovered that our room was filled with 5 feet of black smoke pouring in from the garage! Phil started screaming, "fire! call 911!" I ran around the house screaming like a crazy person, searching frantically for my cell, I immediately called 911.

operator "911 emergency"
operator "What?"
me "Our house, its on fire, I mean the Garage is on fire it's burning!!"
operator "Where do you live?"
talking the fastest ever I stuttered out our address.
operator " GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!"
then I just hung up, I dont know if I should have stayed on...whoops.

As I was stuttering on the phone with the 911 operator, Phil ran out side to access the garage from the other end. Meanwhile Pete was having Kirkbride famiy Christmas. After calling every Kirkbride # I had I finally got Pete on his cell. I was a little too worked up and at first kinda told him the house was on fire. The stuff in our garage was on fire!!! Phil opened the outside garage door, after a big cloud of black smoke was released he was able to see the flames consuming everything on the front-left side of the garage. In his bare feet, Phil immediatley powered up garden hose. With the humble strength of our garden hose he was able to put out the evil fire by the time the 4 fire trucks arrived. He was a hero! Shortly after the trucks came Pete made it home with Brad, Brandon and Chad. Phil tried to go into the house and he got yelled at by a fireman to "stay back!" 5 firemen and the GE were standing with us outside while it poured down rain, poured. I pretended not to hear the reporter when she asked me if I lived here. I wasnt interested in talking. I was wearing Pete's shoes, soaked in my sweats, holding onto Jericho. Phil wasnt wearing any shoes, poor guy. They had to dig through the damage to make sure the coals were out and crawl in the atic and check the breaker to rule out electrical issues.

As soon as we got clearance from the firemen that it was safe to go into our house, I immediately started cleaning the house like a crazy person so that I felt useful. I learned from Ruby to clean when you are stressed, ha! The walls in our room and the laundry room were covered in black cob webs, literally covered like a halloween house. There is a thin layer of soot on everything in our room, all of our stuff stinks. The firemen really messed up our carpet, good thing Phil works for Diamond Clean. I've done the best i can to wash and febreeze everything but I cant stand to be in there! We are sleeping in the living room tonight. Eventually everyone left and the Kirkbrides went back to Christmas. Phil went to Scott's to get an extension cord so he and I could have light to load most of the garbage into his truck and sift through Jenn's metled containers to see if anything was ruined. The garage is horrible, I dont even want to think about the mess! Everything is covered with wet yuck and black soot... It is going to be a huge project to clean all of the soot off our stuff and the walls to repaint!

Phil had to give two reports, one to a detective that had to investigate the cause and wether or not it was arson. Phil was pretty sure it was his clove that he put out in a pop can that was sitting in the recycling. I dont get it, but we can't think of anything else.

Phil spent the whole evening sad and worried that he ruined Christmas...poor guy. We took showers and had to use a scrub brush to get the black off our hands. We were blowing out black snot, Phil was spitting out black gunk from his throat.

Im glad Pete and Jenn came home in good spirits, we were actually able to make a few jokes about it. Emma was relieved that her stuff and Jericho were ok.

Thank God we still have a house. The detective estimated that if the fire had gone on 5 more mins it would have taken the garage and got into the house.

Now I am super paranoid about everything that could be a fire hazard. Im so glad we pay $6 a month for renters insurance. I dont know if we will use it but Im glad I have it. Im getting a fire-box to keep all our important stuff safe, you should too.

so after church today our house caught on fire, everything is fine, no structural damage just smoke damage and burnt stuff. It turns out there was a smoke detector in our room but it didnt have a battery. So, double check your smoke alarm and dont smoke!

I'd like to give a special thanks to Larry the neighbor who saw the smoke shortly after us and ran over. He stuck around long enough to explained to me what the scanner thing was that the fireman was using to measure heat. Before he left he offered us "food and shelter". What a great neighbor

Saturday, December 22, 2007


It's a bumpin Friday night, just me and the computer! So Heather introduced me to shutterfly.com and I am stinkin addicted. I figured since my one-year anniversary is coming up I should finally do something with my wedding photos!!!! I have spent hours... and hours... uploading pictures, why does it take so long?? Im making a photo book for Phillip, yes it is also for myself, but for your one-year you are "suppose" to give "paper" so other than our used-plane-tickets Im puting HOURS into a book. Dont tell him! Maybe you can come over and look at it. So tired right now I think Im drunk!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


When it is cold outsite all I want to do is eat soup!

My Favorites:

Tom Yum from TarnTip

Phil's Peanut Butter Chicken Soup

Pablano Chicken Chowder from Coffee Culture (Mondays)

Peter's Ciapino with big river bread and yutter

Grandma Dorthy's Potato Cheese Soup

home-made Chicken Noodle

"Ok Jenn so why dont you just go-ahead and make one of these and bring them to my "hole"."

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Weekend Re-Cap

We had a fun and busy weekend!! We spent the whole weekend with our loves Brandon and Kayla. We have spent the last 4 weekends with them! Friday Ruby and I hung out with Sara Kellog and Angie Brink while the boys went out with Dave. Angie was in town for Christmas with her Portland family. Saturday Ruby and I shopped @ Washington Square then Phil and I went to the rehearsal dinner at Who Song and Larry's, it was yummy. Then we went our for Boo's b-day and it was sooooooooo much fun! Jake, Beka, Uncle Doug, Ben, Tiff, Phil, Lewis and Rubes and I danced the night away and had a blast! Sunday we went back to Washington Square to grab some clothes for the wedding and then we watched our big friend Dave marry his bride. I took monday off because of the late wedding in Portland and we took advantage of the free time to finish or start our Christmas shopping. We went to Bridgeport and ate at Sinju! I dare you to go there and have the best sushi ever in nice atmosphere. http://www.sinjurestaurant.com/ Brandon & Kayla recommended the baked crab roll. So delicious!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007




Friday, December 7, 2007

Lewis and Ruby are coming home!!!

OUR FRIENDS ARE COMING! Ruby and Lewis are coming home a week early for Dave's wedding. Lewis will be working at the store and Ruby and I will set-up-shop everyday and work at my house together on the computer. It will be so great to have them back for a week and pretend they never left. Tonight we are picking them up from the airport and spending the night at Uncle Randy's!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The End Of Our Vacation

Wednesday, 5th day.. after our dinner at the Crazy Lobster I woke up with crazy food posioning at 4am. We had to catch our boat at 6am to go Marlin fishing... i was in trouble. I figured it would better to be miserable with people than be miserable in our room and I couldnt stand the thought of wasting our nonrefundable trip. It turned out only 5 out of 10 people made the trip. (some of our las vegas friends were too tired and Jeff and whit were also sick)

this is phil battling his first marlin! he was sweating through his shirt..

I caught the biggest marlin on the trip. I spent most of the time sleeping and throwing up but when it came my turn to reel in a fish I was ready!
Raul, our deck hand. He was busy, grumpy and big. That night we went home and I got a horrible fever and chills, i thought I was dying. I probably wont eat lobster for the rest of my life.
Thursday: we spent lots of time lounging by the pool or ocean. Because of the sickness we decided to get couples massages. Very nice and romantic.
That night we went for a nice normal walk, got icecream and called it an early night. I got to eat top ramen and watch movies.Friday we spent some time at the other resort on our property. There was a boat/bar in the middle of the pool, it was fun.This was our fancy night out. We ate at a beautiful resturant on the beach. Phil ordered a spanish coffee and it might have been one of the coolest things I have seen. Lots of fire and potential death.

Friday before the rain came!! Our last day before it was time to pack up and come home.

I guess we are in love or something..

Our resort had a little bit of private beach that was separated from the public beach by a rope. Venders were always lined up on the other side of the rope, it was usually funny. Phil and Jeff loved to offer them ridiculous prices on things.I think I reached the max on uploading pictures... it wont let me do anymore. So it started raining after I took this last picture but it was our last day and I didnt want to just sit in our room so we took a taxi to the nearest mall and hung out in an arcade... it was fun and funny. They had some weird games and a really weird version of Dance Dance Revolution that made you step in the 4 corners instead of side to side and front and back. It was awkward and hard. That night phil and I rented more movies and all I wanted to eat was mac & cheese. I missed all the nasty american food. Saturday the sun came back out and we were sad to go. I layed out one last time and said goodbye to beautiful Cabo. We had a very important Beaver game to get home to.

Monday, November 26, 2007


So my pictures downloaded out of order.... I dont have much time on my paid-internet session so I better hurry. Sorry. This is my dinner for night 3. Ruby always takes pics of her food so i did too. $14
Dinner night 3 at the Happy Lobster. They had $0.70 tequilla shots. Jeff looks like he is worse than he really was.
Carriage ride back to the resort after dinner night 3. The horse's name was Pinto
The happy couple! They flew down day 2 and are leaving with us on Saturday
Off to go to downtown. night 2. Yes that is a blonde wig!
This was my drink at El Squid Roe. We did a lot of dancing on the tables. Dont worry it was normal.
Night 2 with our Las Vegas Friends. Scott up front Andrea and Howard in the back!
My breakfast day 2 over looking the famous rocks.
After sunset, night 3. So hungry at this point. We hadnt eaten since breakfast and we just got done being rescued in the middle of the ocean off our rented jet ski.... long story!

Day one. Checking out the view.
Night ONE. Here is the story.... Phil was looking for a dirty taco stand, his favorite thing in Mexico. We ran into these 2 guys from Vegas and they lured us to a particular stand. It was their 5th anual trip to Cabo and they visit this stand every day while they are here. We ate the most amazing tacos ever and continued on our way. Phil and I walked around a bit and we heard someone yell "hey taco boy!" It was our Vegas friends. They were in this sketchy outdoor bar and they wanted us to hang out... so we did. They kept buying us drink after drink! We did it... our first ever vaction friends. We have been hanging out with them ever since. Scott/Andrea Howard/Michelle, Larry/Rochelle. Today (4th day) We hung out at the pool and enjoyed Pina Coladas, compliments of Larry. We love them!!
Day 2 trolly ride between resorts. There are 3 resorts on our property that we have access to. So cool!
Day 2, Jeff and Whit arrive. Whit naps while jeff throws back a few. This is an inapropriate picture but you have to see what Phil convinced Jeff to have the mexican draw. Zoom in at your own risk!
Our pool is fun. This is day 2. This is me waiting for our waiter to come back with nachos and margaritas. I went down the whale slide and my top came off. No worries, I managed to fix it before I came up from the water.
MUCH MUCH MORE TO COME! You still have time to buy a plane ticket and come join us! NO, SERIOUSLY JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Holiday season is here. Time to bring out your sweaters!


Im a TINY bit CRAZY!

So we booked our trip on Friday morning for next Saturday...I am SO excited, it is all I can think about. This last Saturday I completely packed both Phil and my bags and organized anything I could think of for the trip. I can't think of anymore questions to call the resort about or anymore research that needs to be done. We're completely ready, now it is time to wait....ahh!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007


So Phil and I are leaving for Cabo in 1week!! We are so crazy, this was our #1 choice and it just opened up today, I had to book it! Our original plans to use our timeshare for our anniversary didnt work out. (you cant book anything during the holiday season, it is outrageous!) Thanks grandma for the wedding present, we are sooo excited!! Check out our resort! http://www.villadelpalmar-cabo.com/ We have a 2 bedroom/3bath room. It sleeps 6, you should stop by. Tickets are cheap! PS it is 90degrees there today.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I miss my friend Tiff! The joke is over... it is time for her to move back home.

We got to hangout again last night. First we worked out at Timberhill together, (she taught me some new moves) then we got ready and went to the Peacock for Monday Night Football, then we went to the Dream for salad and then we accidently stood-up Lauren, (sorry L-Boogie) so we went to meet her at the new Big River Bar: Bar 101. That bar is AWESOME! If you havent been check it out! Lets all go this Wednesday because Casey is working. Phil and I are going on a date then so join us!!!!!!! They had top quality drinks and the yummiest snacks. We orded a fresh baked cookie that came in a skillet with home-made ice-cream (you have to order it 15mins in advance). We also had the best chicken wings I have ever tasted! Then Tiff and I went to Blockbuster to rent a movie, we went to my house and played more speed scrabble and fell asleep watching Licensed to Wed. There is our night in a nutshell. "help im in a nutshell!"

Monday, November 12, 2007


So I was making some yummy sausage apple stuffing for Pete and I for dinner. I cut into a brand new bell pepper from the local Safeway and this is what I found!


Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma

Wednesday was my grandma's birthday so tonight Phil and my 2 bros are going down to Eugene to take her out to dinner and a movie. She loves Denzel Washington and my bros. really want to see this. Afterward, we are having a slumber party... Im excited, I love spending time with my grandma!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007



1. Carolynn, she still counts, Jack is getting close to a week late!
2. Courtney Sparks, Coffee Culuture
3. Alisha
4. her sister, Jenny
5. Amanda
6. Cailyn
7. her friend, Amy
8. Abby
9. Kylie
10.J-LO... you cant hide it anymore girl!
Wow, when did i become an ADULT?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

No Dilly Dally

I covered a early morning shift at coffee culture"{k,nydbjdsfghjk WAIT! PETER STOP HITTING KEYS WHILE IM POSTING!

Peter tried to sabotage my blog-post. what I was saying was that I worked a morning shift at Coffee Culture this morning and then worked my normal hours at Central Dispatch then covered Ruby's late afternoon shift. I woke up at 5:30am and worked til 5pm!

Phil and I are saving for our one-year aniversary cruise! I can't believe it is already here, I still haven't written my thank-you's.... whoopsie!

Jenn just exclaimed from across the room,"Jenna had a long day, she needs to get her drink on!"
I think I'll treat my self to a nice glass of wine.

Monday, November 5, 2007


Finally all of Phil's trips are over and I get to have my husband home...well the library still owns him but at least he is in Oregon.

Phil brought me back a special present from LA. He went to H&M and picked out the cutest jacket all by himself. I absolutely love it! Of course he did need Ruby to make sure it was the right size and that it didnt fit weird, thanks Rubes!

Sunday night is Family Movie Night. Phil and Emma are making the same face.