We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Dear Dox community of women who love to serve,
My exhousemate/sister/friend gave birth to precious Emma and I was able to see, first hand, how a woman who has just given birth can use some extra help. Currently we know Abby is soon to give birth to baby #2 and Amanda to baby #5, Lets be prepared to help when the babies arrives.

"The Program"
This is a 4-week service offered to our mommies after they give birth.

The 4-week service:
-2 large dinners per week
-deep cleaning/laundry service once a week
-special favor day once a week (grocery shopping, taking big bro/sis out of the house, errand running, Dr. appointment assistance)

Baby's pre-arrival:
Team-contact meets with mommy to get a tour of the home, discuss mommy's needs and dinner preferences and help with last minute nursery organization.

Baby's Birthday:
Mommy's contact person calls the team-contact so the house can have a deep cleaning. We want baby to come home to a clean place and mommy to start recovery with a little less stress. (Amanda is having a home birth so this will look different)

Mommy's Preference:
Baby's Birthday doesn't necessarily start the 4-week service. We recognize the privacy mommy may want with her baby and family for the first few days or week. Mommy will call her team-contact for when she wants the 4-week service to start.

How does one get involved?

Team Member:
Think about which of the 4 service days you want to provide; cooking, cleaning, or special favor day. Each team member signs up for one service per week for 4 weeks and communicates with mommy when she needs you each week. One person needs to be the team-contact to meet with mommy for the pre-arrival meeting and organize the pre-cleaning on Baby's birthday.

"Wait A Second!" Maybe this could be a Dox Ministry?
Not Everyone has a close, loving community like we have. Maybe we can think of a cool name for this as a ministry and help any needing mommy in Corvallis!?

How will we find pregnant women?
(Abby and Amanda will let us practice on them!)
Maybe we can make cute invitations for our local doulas to offer to their clients, but at this point the Dox community and "word-of-mouth".

Thanks for reading this long long blog posting. Im hoping this can grow into a successful ministry that blesses the mommies in our community! But... we'll start small and first help our friends! Give me feedback and name ideas for our new dox ministry!! Love you!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

While Im On The Topic of "getaways"

I've spent over 10hrs researching, calling and comparing beach houses for Christmas. This year my side of the family is going to spend time together at an awesome house instead of buying presents! I am really excited, check it out! http://www.seahavenrentals.com/html/puffins_perch.html
Maybe you should get on the ball and start planning Christmas, we only have 8mos left! ha!

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Cozy Memorial Weekend Getaway!

Charming Vacation Home in Historic Philomath:

A true Willamette Valley Gem! Lush garden cottage in Historic Philomath! Featuring a beautifully landscaped property, private patio and hot tub! Neighboring a dog friendly park for romantic walks under the stars. Gorgeous view of Mary's peak, just a few blocks from historic downtown for fine-cuisine, shopping and night-life! Just one mile from the famed Benton County Historical Museum. This spacious and beautifully decorated home with original art pieces, is perfect for family & friends to gather or for couples looking to getaway for a special weekend.

Free Wireless Internet
Linens/Towels provided
Cable, TV, DVD
Full Kitchen
game closet and private video/DVD collection
1 king, 1 queen, 1 twin.
2 baths, 1 master-bath
Hot Tub (cleaning fee waived)
pets allowed (pet fee waived, dogs outside please)
parking for 4 vehicles, RV parking (no hook-ups)

Special Memorial Day Weekend Rate:
all of this can be yours for free. Please feed Chica and give her daily meds!

Check-in: Friday May 23rd 5:00pm
Check-out: Monday May 26th 5:00pm

So basically Phil and I got a lake cabin with my parents at Clear or Crystal Lake.. I cant remember?! and Chica doesn't seem the camping type. We'll bring her if we have to... I would rather find a house-sitter.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Our New Life

Yesterday was our first official day as "head of the house-hold", (I took Mum and Dad to the airport Wednesday afternoon). To celebrate our first official day as real Philomathites we went to the Meet-N-Place.... yep! We mingled with some of Philomath's finest as well as some good friends that were visiting their home-town: Jim, Stephen, Mark (also a Philomathite these days), Madras Jeff and Heather. The Heidricks, including the girls, were our first official over-night guests, we stayed up until 2am just talking... I sure miss those guys!
So here is our new room, this is the bed, I didn't bother to straighten it up for you.
Here is the view from our bed... We turned our huge t.v. into a ghetto flat-screen.
This is my new office that is in desperate need of an Ikea make-over... hint, hint to Beka. Notice Chica next to my desk. We have been bonding, it is nice to have her follow me all over the house.
And here we are, we're new bestfriends! Chica is filling my Emma/Jenn void... well the best she can, she's just a dog.