We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Can't Blog My Camera Broke

I'm not good at blogging without pictures?

My blog is all about, "Hey this is what I'm doing/I did." So its more of a scrapbook vs a journal.

I don't like posting my thoughts and opinions on things because they're not interesting.

My Weekend Without Phil.

First a funny memory. I was looking at pics from my phone and found this one of Chica sleeping. She sleeps hard!
So My Weekend consisted of a lot of sleeping and Emma ... she's my only friend. I got to hangout with her most of Saturday and Sunday. She is such a good baby! I taught her: "whats a turkey say" she tries to gobble and its so cute. We've also been working on Itsy Bitsy Spider, she is really good at the hand motions, the best part is when "out comes the sun".

I tried to put mittens and a hat on her so we could play outside, she thought they were funny.

I also made 1.5 hats. Every season I make about 4, mostly for Phil because he loses them. Saturday night I stayed up 9:00pm-3:00am crocheting because I'm not good at sleeping without Phil.
Monday, back at work waiting anxiously for Phil to get home. I always get so excited when Phil comes home from trips, I get butterflies in my stomach like when we were first dating. I put on make-up and straightened my hair today....Im such a loser. I NEVER get ready for work! Whats the point? I roll out of bed and sit at my desk in my sweat pants or bathrobe.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Husbandless For The Weekend

For Phil's Birthday this year he got plane tickets to go to AZ with Denny and Ryan to see Kevin play American Football.

I'm jealous that they get to go play in the sun! Im so cold today!!!
I think I'll sleep in a lot... maybe go to the spa again.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


It has almost been a year since our crazy and spontaneous Cabo trip!

I still can't believe we booked a 7night trip ONE WEEK before departure! Jeff and Whitney are even crazier to actually come with us!!!

I need to go back, I need to go anywhere but here! The 3 straight weeks of
dark gray+rain=Jenna depressed!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Blessing

We just had a group of like 20 PHS students come and rake the front yard. They didn't knock or draw any attention to themselves, just started raking! Nancy went out side to ask why we deserved this and they said "because God loves you!"

Caleb and I actually tried to rake yesteday in the back yard but it got too hard, so many leaves! The Kelley family has had such a hard 2 weeks with our flu and everything else no one has really felt like raking. They were trying to be a blessing and they truly were.

google image, not the real kids.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jessica Got Me Excited!

I want to go to a salon, a good one in like Portland or something... and tell them to do whatever they want!

As long as they don't do this:
Im not scared.

Come Say Goodbye To Wubby!

Our Special Friend Is Moving Home!

Wednesday Night
American Dream

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Reasons to move to Bend:

Beautiful October is over. The bright red's and yellow's are being replaced with gray and brown, the ground is messy and wet. Boooooo! I need blue sky! Will you come with me? I can't move unless you come with me!
The dogs are wet and cold. They can't come in, people are allergic.

Apple is 20wks, she is getting less "puppy cute" and more, well... like the Guy.
I asked Wubby to take pictures of the dogs for Kylie because I dont want to go outside. I had fun, cropping, zooming, editing them with Picnik.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Something To Look Forward To

Whitney is a DOLL!
2 weeks ago we did the BBI Banquet together. I donated my time as one of the coordinators and Whitney catered it. We worked pretty hard on the 2-day event and were exhausted afterward. She said with her payment she would take me to my happy place, the SPA! I told her no, she didn't make very much I didnt want to take advantage of her but she insisted so Im not going to argue.

Sunday during boring football Whit and I went to the spa to check it out. They have a new menu with cheaper prices!! Hooray!! (website isnt updated with the new prices)

Our appointments are at 11am next sunday. Whit and I are getting facials and Phil and Jeff are getting a couple's massage... yep I said COUPLE'S... oh the things we do for humor!

I can't wait to be given my robe and slippers at check-in, relax in the steam room with a cold wash cloth, lay in the sanctuary with a glass of FREE wine, lunch from the Strega Menu, shower under a waterfall, get ready using all their products and have people cater to my every need. I just love it! They really know how to make you feel sooo relaxed.
The facials are customized to your skin type, when I got my birthday facial I had the best month of skin I've ever had! We plan on checking in @ 9:30 and staying until 4:00... trust me its possible.

check out the website for Strega and 7stones click here

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween/Phil's Birthday Party/Welcome Home Ben

We had a very very fun Halloween this year. Mr. Ben Dorr was in town so he rented a stretch hummer and got some people together.

Phil and I rented some fun costumes... dontcha love the mustache?!

Whitney-Bear was a punkrock witch and she made Phil some yummy birthday cupcakes. We had a slumber party, you're never too old for slumber parties especially if you still live at mom and dad's.

We had 5 stops for the night. Strega, we built up a pretty large tab and a very generous person picked it up. Thanks again! Then we went to the Cantina @ El Pres. then the Peacock then the Cantina @ Senior Sams then Platinum. Platinum had a Guns and Roses cover band... the boys had lots of fun with the air guitar... so crazy!
Jenny emailed me some photos. She and Peter were Angela and Dwight. Love love love it!