We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Every Second Counts...

I flew home Saturday July 10th refusing to accept that vacation was over. It's hilarious to me that when Phil flew home from Colorado all he wanted to do was relax at home, When I flew home from Oakland all I wanted to do was not go home. We are so different it cracks me up.

A few hours after I got home Phil granted me my wish to not end vacation and we went to McMenamin's Bagdad theater for dinner and a movie but first we stopped for drinks.We love people watching, especially on Hawthorne. It was my first dinner and a movie at Bagdad. Super fun and so smart.
Sunday we slept in then Phil made us a marvelous breakfast that we ate outside. What a good guy. Then we walked to and hiked up Mt. Tabor. I guess its similar to Bald Hill but the top is much bigger with a few different parks. The street you see is Hawthorne.... I think.

You pass a few reservoirs during the hike. At the top there is a statue of this dude. I forgot who it is.
After our hike we showered and napped. Very smart. We walked over to Hoda's and order the sampler plate that I have been wanting Phil to try since Ruby, Tiff and I tried my first night up here.
So much food. and so so delicious.

This night would be a very important memorable night that would shape the rest of our summer evenings.... this was the night that Phil and I rediscovered PINBALL!!!! We went to Side St. for drinks and finally found something that I can actually compete against Phil in. Its kinda embarrassing to admit but we almost go out every night after dinner for a drink and some pinball. We keep track of our scores and try to beat each other! ha ha ha I love it!

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The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

I challenge you to a pinball play off!!! Or Girls against Boys is even better!