We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Friday, October 30, 2009

26 going on 40

Tomorrow my chum chum turns 26! I'm throwing him a birthday tailgate tomorrow 8am!!!
See ya then!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Need To Stop

I need to stop looking at the 10day forecast. It is soooooo depressing. Beka, a true Oregonian, loves cloudy, cold, rainy weather.... I wish I did. I need blue sky. I seem to complain about the weather a lot, you'd think I'd just MOVE already but I can't leave our awesome community... so how about Doxology relocate?! Bend is nice!
Oct 27
high 53°
Low 36°

Oct 28
high 55°
low 43°

Oct 29
high 57°
low 50°

Oct 30
high 58°
low 51°

Oct 31
high 60°
low 45°

Nov 1
high 62°
low 46°

Nov 2
Few Showers
high 58°
low 45°

Nov 3
high 58°
low 41°

Nov 4

high 59°
low 43°

Nov 5
high 58°
low 39°

Monday, October 26, 2009

Life Update

Phil is turning 26 on Halloween. Planning on throwing a big birthday/tailgate party! Everyone needs to come dressed up like Phil. We'll have food, a keg and shelter. We'll have to text you the day of to let you know where we scored a spot. Let me know if you wanna come!

Phil is back in school, sorta. He still gets called in to work random nights.

Phil is starting to apply for summer internships. Not sure if we will stay local or move away for 15weeks.

Went out to dinner with Kylie, Jenn and Ruby this weekend. We checked out the new Vault 244 in Albany on 1st street. The name is cool and the idea of having the restaurant in an old bank is cool but I think they could have played up the ''old bank'' theme a little more, you wouldn't have known you were in an old bank unless you were told. I enjoyed my lavender lemon drop. We ordered 8 different items from the tapas menu they were tasty but I wasn't amazed. Prices are similar to Big River.

Ruby and Lewis have been living here since Early October and will stay for about a year, I'm LOVING IT! She is a great wife to Lewis and me!

I've been horrible about working out.

Havent decided which I like better: tired worker Phil or distracted student Phil.

We haven't had to turn on the gas furnace. The wood stove is working great!

The baby itch is getting STRONGER. I'm thankful to be able to hold all the tiny babies being born left and right!

Planning a trip to La Manzanilla with the Trasks/Kikers/Willers this winter, hope it works out.

Still working 40hrs/wk at CentralDispatch

Lewis is leading a new tribe at our house Tuesday Nights

The dogs are still not smart.

Ruby and I are hosting Stitch and Bitch at our house every Thursday starting at 6pm.

Phil's sister moved back into town. Looking forward to getting to know Seth 2 and Elizabeth 2months, our other nephew and niece.

I've taken on more responsibility at Dox Kids. Bring your babies to the 0-2 room and I'll probably be in there. Here are some cute pictures of our nephew Seth and Bucca, the other leader.

Gooooooooooooooooooooo Weavers!

Last home game we had a great tailgate party with friends. Phil and some guys went crabbing super early in the morning to have a feast at the party.

Girl Pic!

Beautiful Bre came over the mountain. Great to see ya lady!

If there is a baby to hold I WILL FIND IT!

Great Work Mitch!

Freddie, Erika, Wyatt and Charlie

Ruby and Lewis

Mitch and Pete

Scotty and Crystal

Ladder Golf. I'm not that great but its a really fun!

The Bains

Colton and Michelle

Jeff with his new snuggie... I actually really want one!

New Papa Randy and my guy.

Heather and baby ZuZu

Brad and Sharon

The Emma Bemma

Phil and I still try to have bem over as much as we can. Recently our slumber parties have taken a turn for the BETTER. She is getting more fun with each stage! She outgrew her pac n play and she now sleeps in "Nu-Nu's big bed". Its a lot of fun. We kick Phil out to the couch and have girls night. I love our funny little conversations about Elmo, Apple and Jericho, and Bumpa.... when she plays "phone" she is always calling her Bumpa.

Emma is still too interested in the camera and I can't ever get her to smile.

We had a slumber party a few weeks ago and she ACTUALLY let me play with her hair. I did have to put her infront of the tv with some food but she sat still. So Cute.

September Memory

Hi. I've been lazy and I blame it on the weather! Crystal Did a great job blogging about family vacation but I thought I should make a note of it before it gets forgotten. I didn't take many photos. I was too busy PLAYING!

Emma enjoyed watching Papa paint.

I was excited to get to spend a full 5days with Bemma. She is getting so big, I'm loving every new stage, she is talking so much.

Scotty and Crystal made some delicous senegalese food. Really good fish balls, veggies and rice.

The house was just as awesome as I had remembered it. So many things to do. Trampoline, hottub, kid's swimming hole with all the toys, water trampoline, jet skis, slide, ski boat, paddle boat, raft... We LOVE Lake Tapps!

It was also great to spend more time with Seth and new baby Elizabeth. Seth isn't afraid of me anymore and he calls me Donna. Its hilarious. I hope he continues, we will of course encourage it.

I'm so glad modern life jackets don't make you look this stupid!

Bem got courageous and went on a nice family jet ski ride.

Since we were that far north we made the 30min trip to downtown Seattle. Phil was very excited to get a whole tuna from the market and I was very excited to go to H&M. I was so excited that I almost had Phil take my picture in front of the store...ok I asked but he said no.

We have been wanting to try this restaurant we saw on Man VS. Food. The Crab Pot. They serve you a giant bowl of crab, shrimp, clams, oysters, mussels, sausage, potatoes and corn and dump on the table. It was fun, they had GREAT bloody mary's too.

Phil bought a whole fish and froze some steaks. He had good intentions to can some of it but we let it sit in the fidge too long. oops.

It was a great vacation.