We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 4

This week has been fun & boring, busy & slow, exciting and uneventful.
I'm thankful for new babies, friends from out of town, making it to the gym, my friend Emma and swimming play dates. I've been keeping busy and surrounded by people but I've been lonely at the same time.

I miss my guy. He is SO busy! Studying, stressing, staying up late, waking up early... HE IS ALMOST DONE! I've been doing my best being patient and helpful where ever I can but I still get sad. I know that once Phil is done with school he'll be just as busy with his new career. But it is a different kind of busy. He'll get to leave his work at work and when he is home he will be home with ME! During the school year I physically see Phil more often but mentally he isn't often available. Phil brought me flowers this week thanking me for being patient with not having a husband.
I'm thankful for my husband working hard for our future and our future baby Chings.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I probably know like 5 words in Ilocano(my grandma's language) and Tagalog(country's main language).

Aso = dog

when my Grandma says dog in "english" she says doog-doog

maybe my new life goal is to learn Tagalog so when I go to the Philippines I'm not a total idiot or tanga.

Any recommendations on programs? Rosetta Stone?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Seriously! Could Jon be any cooler?

Jon it was great seeing you. I'm so excited for your latest ventures, congratulations on being so cool. Please take care of Casey and Lauren!!!

I need to get this picture AUTOGRAPHED!


I just made like 12 catch up posts from the last 2 months. Because my blog is kinda like my "journal" I dated each post
when it should have been posted.
So check my history from
Nov to Current!!!!!

Total Girl

I've adjusted my work schedule for a few weeks, I'm working 7am-3:30pm so I can take Emma on outings after nap.

Yesterday we spent about an hour at KMart and we didnt buy a thing!

-First we tried on shoes for about 25mins. She LOVES putting on other peoples' shoes.
-Then we explored the 4 isles of toys.
-Then we found a twirling sunglass stand full of kid sunglasses. She spent a good 20mins just trying on glasses and looking at herself in the mirror.
-And finally, the jewelry section. We tried on all kinds of bracelets and necklaces.

She's only 2 and already likes to shop like her mama.

P.S. While holding baby Mo yesterday(or should I say baby Peter), he had a little spit-up... then he coughed and it all went in my mouth.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Mo-Mo

Phil and I have had a fun full last 4days. We had Emmers for 3nights while mama and dada were a tiny bit busy giving birth to Mo...

Emma is a silly silly girl that LOVES Beyonce. Hard to get her to sing it full out. We prettymuch have the music video on replay all day.

Emma is talking so much. When she says a word wrong I have a hard time correcting her because its so darn cute.

Every time Emma comes over she ALWAYS wants to call Betsy.

Big Girl Emma loves her new princess boots and Nu-Nu's fake glasses.

Mo was very thoughtful and thought he would come in the early afternoon on Sunday. Perfect timing for Emma's nap. We got to wait in the waiting room with Bumpa, Bill, baby Elly, Uncle Branen, Ki-Ki and Ruby.
We were so so EXCITED! It was a good day.
Ruby took Emma so Phil and I could visit P&J in the delivery room. Emma would have gotten confused and sad to see mama in a bed. When it was my turn to hold mr. man I couldnt hold back the tears. I had to take a min. ha ha ha

Our new baby friend! We love love him!
I'm excited for Mo to wrestle Jericho and go on a dump truck ride with Bill... you know, boy things!Nu-Nu needs to buy more boy toys! I've been surrounded by girls!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

That Time Of Year Again


Last year was so much fun. I want to go to every single one!

2nd Annual Corvallis Culinary Week

Monday, January 18 - Sunday, January 24

From January 18th through the 24th stop by any of these fine restaurants to receive a signature sampler plate for only $10. From traditional French to Southwest cuisine, Corvallis has something for everyone! Come enjoy the culinary delights of historic downtown Corvallis!Who wants to go with me?! Which night and restaurant. Last year reservations filled up FAST!

Le plat du jour

You might have read on Ruby's blog, click here, that she has been inspired by Julie & Julia and received 2 Julia Child cookbooks for Christmas. Monday she cooked an amazing tuna in a tomato white wine sauce and last night she made the BEST roast chicken with scalloped potatoes and mushroom port sauce. THE BEST. The chicken was moist and succulent...for some reason I hate the word "moist", ha ha ha! She had to baste that sucker every 10mins, seriously! She was cooking for HOURS yesterday.

Our house and our friends are blessed by Ruby's inspiration! I'm so thankful to be her taste tester! Praise God for Julia Child and Ruby! click here

Je vous remercie beaucoup, vous êtes très gentil et vous êtes très jolie.

Hey, I took 3 years of french in high school and I dont remember a darn thing!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Exciting News on the Kelley/Kiker Farm

We're off to the State Fair!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Jenny!

For Christmas Lauren (laurenhurtphotography.com) and I organized a maternity photo shoot forBeautiful Pregnant Jenn.

The Photo Shoot happened to fall on the day of her birthday and Casey Hurt's last show. Big fun day.

Peter took Emma out while we pampered Jenn.
We had Coffee Culture americanos, virgin memosas, a fruit&cheese tray and floweres to set the mood.

I hired a professional to come do Jenn's makeup. Thanks for coming on such short notice Caylan!
After the shoot Emma saw ALL the makeup and wanted to play. Lucky me!
She loves being girly!

We took a few hours to relax then headed to a special bday Dinner for Jenn. Our accountability group took her out to Bar 101 for a delicious dinner! Their new 'spoon bread' is so so good. Go try it, especially if you love bacon!
After dinner Jenn went to bed and the rest of us went to Cloud 9 for Casey Hurt's last show.

I'm going to miss the heck out of these humans but I'm so excited for their new Hollywood Adventures!

Best of Luck Mr. & Mrs. Hurt!

Since all of the parents had baby sitters we HAD to have an after party. We went to the new SPANISH dance club, La Bomba!
Kari and Nathan...so so so cute.

Beautiful Abby and look at those gorgeous naturally long eyelashes! ;)

All of us girls took turns dancing with Juan. He hopes to open a dance school.
Yay for Adults Only!

Amanda is always the life of the party. She knows how to shake it on the dance floor!Its Garrett! Hey guy! Mr. Esary is having baby #2. YAY
Newly Weds. How wonderful.
Hey babe lets dress up and go out... Oh, nice sweatshirt.
Its 'Twist' from the Fresh Beat Gang. Check him out on Nick Jr. He's amazing!

Hey Abs. I love being crazy with you! Praise God you FINALLY feel better. I'm looking forward to our once-a-month dance parties!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thanks Beka

Beka found our baby son Ching! He loves to dance just like his momma.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day With Emm

Peterman was in Redmond for a wedding so we took Emma off of very-pregnant-Jenn's hands.

Its always fun having Emma at our house. She loves to sit in Bill's giant pillow chair! The queen in her giant chair looking at me like "Nu-Nu, seriously... you're interrupting Mickey Mouse!"
After the Rose Bowl we thought it would be fun to take Bem to Portland for an overnight trip to the ZOO!

On the car ride up to Portland Emma was cracking us up. Just singing all her favorite songs.

We found a hotel with an indoor pool.

Emma loved jumping to me. over and over and over....
Watching Elmo with Bill.
We got a room with 2 queen beds. This is how a 2 year old can take up a whole queen bed!
Emma is ready and excited for the Zoo! She brought her baby to show them the monkeysPretty funny ugly goat
Lucky Emma got a stroller. I'd like an adult stroller for days like this.
Emma can you say "sturgeon"

It was at this moment that Phil and I realized Emma would never survive in the wild.
The cutest 1yr old baby elephant!

The monkey was copying Bem
This guy woke up from his nap and walked all the way up to stare at Emma. We think he wanted her baby or cookies.
He just STARRED at Emma. It was incredible!
And ANOTHER animal dropping what they are doing to come say hi to Emma. I think she's like a wild animal whisperer.
We spent about 3hours at the zoo and this is what happened...
Fun Portland getaway bemmers.