We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Friday, May 28, 2010


I've been in Lebanon for the last week house sitting for my Uncle and I have had a CRAZY craving for American Dream Pizza. The main reason I want is obviously because it is soooooooo good. The 2nd reason is because I can't have it, its too far away. I know there will be lots of good, maybe even better pizza places in Portland but there is nothing quite like the flavors of home. I just remembered there is a Portland American Dream and I looked up the address and it will actually be closer to my Portland apartment (1.4mi) than Corvallis Dream was to my house(4.5mi)!
Turns out the original American Dream Pizza opened in NE Portland in 1985. Cool fact everyone!

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Countdown

It is my goal to update this blog before we move(June 4th-ish)!
Maybe I'll do it this week??

I've been so behind in blogging and for some reason I stopped taking pictures... we've done a lot a fun stuff March, April and May... darn.

Phil got assigned to Vancouver, Wa for his summer internship and I luckily convinced Phil it will be super fun to live in a busy, trendy Portland neighborhood instead of the Couv. I'm excited to explore the "big city"... this might be my only chance to be a "city girl". I've accepted the fact that I married a country lovin' man.
Out of all the exciting options, Hawaii, Alaska, San Diego, L.A, Seattle....Vancouver might seem like the "most boring". I still think Phil is a little disappointed but I couldn't be more thrilled.

-I kept crying when I would be reminded I was leaving my friends and family for 3-4mos. I'm such a baby. I LOVE our Dox Community! I think it is special and unique. Corvallis is where I want to start our family...when I'm 28yrs.....maybe.... So I'm happy to be driving distance to home.

-Hey, I love Portland. I've lived in Oregon my whole life and I don't know Portland very well. I know its the closest city out of all the options but its still a really cool city that has SO MUCH to do in the summer.

-It also makes sense to do your internship where you want to get hired. I would be pretty sad if Phil got sent to then hired out of Hawaii or Alaska(obviously we'd take any job he can get). Vancouver is the closest Kiewit location to home so I'm happy he can get to know the managers in this office and PRAY for open doors.

-Low stress moving. It was way less stressful to find a place to live. We got to go up to Portland, drive around neighborhoods, view different apartments and talk to different landlords before committing to a place. Phil and I are keeping our Corvallis home(Ru and Lew will still be there) and bringing minimal items. It will be nice to move gradually over 2 weeks. If we forget something we can just go home and get it. Moving is going to be soooooooo easy.

-I get to connect with old friends! 2 of my LIFE BEST FRIENDS, Angie and Tiff, live in Portland. Girls I love and miss and are super excited to spend more time with. Our place is only a few blocks from Tiff's, YAY! It is a HUGE bummer Randy, Kayla and the babe moved to San Fran a few months too soon. I'll have to go to our favorite Pho spot in memory of them.

OK. I've got some March posts to catch up on. Bye.