We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Entering the Late Twenties

I had a GREAT Birthday this year! Phil and I have been in Bothel, Wa for a few weeks and I was a tiny bit bummed I wasn't going to be with my friends and fam for my b-day... but I was SUPER lucky to have Rubes, Lew, Jim and Bre drive up to celebrate with me!

Jim and Bre got up a bit earlier than Ruby and Lewis so Bre and I got to do some shopping at H&M and went to Nordstrom to get our makeup done..so fun!

Getting ready is maybe the most fun??? Some times the excitement for the event is the best.

We stayed at a beautiful hotel in downtown Seattle called The W Some of you might be familiar with The Nines in Portland??? It's with the same hotel group. We were right on 5th Ave which also happened to be the night of the Torch Light Parade (its apart of Seafair). We watched a little bit of the parade from our window.

We walked to the waterfront for some yummy birthday seafood! For some reason we decided not to sit next to our spouses...probably Phil's idea.

Pretty lady and a handsome guy
Yewis and Bootstraps
Ruby and I LOVE eating out together. we of course studied the menu and made sure to taste each other's food.
Phil got some yummy yummy clams. His juice was pretty popular. :)
Lewis super excited as always
Roob got a tasty clam bake.

I got the chowder and crab cocktail with mango and avocado.Free Birthday Cheesecake!
sooooooooooooooooo In Love!
From the restaurant we walked to a pretty fun dance club Trinity
These girls are ready to DANCE!
My guy
happy couple number 1
happy couple number 2.....sorta "oh Lewis"
Trinity had 3 different rooms. A techno blue and white room, an asian decor rock and roll room and of course the bling-bling hip-hop room.

Going through the photos of the dance party I couldn't keep my composure I was laughing so hard. So I had to post at least half of them! I still haven't decided who got MVP for the evening....I'm pretty sure Lewis (as always) took it. These photos don't need captions:

This poor crazy girl was clueless......

After the dance party I made some friends with some police officers who recommended we eat at 5 Point Cafe for the best mix of late night grub. Half the crew got tired but the rest of us weren't going to go down so easily. Lewis, Ruby and I weren't quite ready for bed so we caught a cab and headed north!

I got some delicious bacon mac n cheese, ruby got pancakes and lewis got chilaquiles. Perfect food at 3am!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday morning we all woke up feelin great and ready for some touristy action.
Jim really wanted to see the guys throw the fish. :)
I love Pikes Place. My dad is from Seattle so we used to go up multiple times a year.
We ate at the Copacabana, we enjoyed Market and water views on the second floor patio deck.

I'm pretty sure every time I eat out with Jim and there is a cinnamon roll on the menu he orders it?? Am I right?
Yummy, a bloody mary to start my day.
After breakfast Jim and Bre had to hit the road but Ruby and Lewis stayed until dinner time. The boys literally spent 6hrs at the Fox Sports Bar while Ruby and I shopped.

Ruby took me in search of a special top secret place. I LOVE SURPRISES and I was trying so hard to figure out where she was taking me....we found a mall, we walked inside and I was lead with my eyes closed to the entrance of Lululemon! I was so excited!!!! Ruby said I get to pick out any item of my choice! I got the reversible groove pant and I am soooooooooo happy with them. It feels so good to have someone know me so well. I've wanted a pair for a while now but wouldn't dare spend that much on a pair of pants.... I've worn them almost every day since!

- We finished the day with delicious Vietnamese food from a random little place.
When I order Pho I always ask for extra veggies and usually get disappointed they don't give me more but this place had a Veggie Pho. Yum so healthy!
I was so sad to see my Roob-boo and Yewis go but all good things must come to an end.

This is the 520 bridge going over lake Washington from Seattle.... its the reason we are up in Bothel. Phil's company is putting together a bid to replace it.

Monday my actual birthday Phil surprised me and came home for lunch. He put together a cute little birthday lunch while I got ready.

When I came back from the bathroom I sat at my desk and watched Phil cook and the whole time I didn't even notice what he had put on my computer! What a ditz! Phil got me a new Ipod touch and accessories for running. I lOVE IT!My birthday lunch. So pefect.
I am beyond thankful for my family for mailing me cards, my friends for making the drive up and my husband for putting it all together. I love you all so so much!


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Awesome!!!! So many amazing pictures of Lewis and his hilarious dance moves. I can't decide which one I liked the best. Everyone did well that night. I felt like we brought the party to the techno room. It was weak before we showed up :)
Such a good weekend...or rather 24 hours!

Kari Riley said...

So sad I missed it! So glad that you guys had a good time and you were looking HOT!

Jim and Brea said...

We had a blast! Glad we could be a part of your special day! Next time, I'll try to not get so tired:)

Janelle said...

You privitized your blog so that you can post amazing club pictures like this :-)

My favourite quote from the post: "His juice was pretty popular."

THAT LOOKED LIKE SO MUCH FUN! I am coming over okay?

Grant and Amy Ludwick said...

Happy birthday, Jenna! :) Seattle is so fun!

Abby Bain said...

You guys looked so awesome!!! Your kids will look at these one day when they are in high school and LOVE them.

JW's said...

Fun party!! Jeff and I stayed at The W once, great place!