We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

San Diego is German for ............

Hey! Lets go on a weekend road trip!?
Night 1: we got to Chad and Kylie's 10pmish, we were greated with fresh warm choc. chip cookies. Chad justed started whipn' up all kinds of yummies: fresh pineapple, guac and orange sorbet.

We were not good at taking pictures but here are a few:

Day One:
We started the day right with a healthy breakfast... I ate the world's largest omelette well... maybe 1/4th of it.

Tyler is getting cuter and cuter every time I see him.

Kylie had a baby shower at 1, I am really happy we invited ourselves. We rushed to get pedis before the shower, I cant believe I haven't had one since my wedding!
Kylie has great friends! The shower was at this beautiful house and she got a lot of great stuff. Our present was the best. Kylie looked beautiful in the cutest brown dress, check out her blog.

We did manage to get a picture of a $150 fruit basket... looks nice right?!
After the shower Rubes and I went to Mission Beach for ice-cream, we watched these roller/dancer/skater guys for a while. It was great.

After the beach we went downtown to the mall. We checked out Steve and Barry's so we could support SJP and her line, Bitten, unfortunately I didnt like anything. We met up with Joel P West for dinner at an amazing thai rest. It was the best thai food I have ever had... I ordered the basic stuff I get at Tarntip... I had no idea that it could taste better than my local favorite!

After din din we went to this loft that Joel and his friends are using for art/music/work stuff. It was sooooo cool and huge, right by the Padres Stadium. I guess some really rich lady owns it and is letting them use it for free, I'd live there if I could.

Day 2: Ruby and I met Joel at his house to cook breakfast. We walked to the store to get vegan ingredients and spent a few hours with our good-old-friend. I decided I really like mixing tofu in my potatoes o'brien, it is a great egg substitute. It was fun to see JW, its been a long time.

On our way home we ditched the Zoo idea so that we could relax. We found an oriental store and got the proper ingredients to make Chad's favorite: Lumpia

Nap time, then ice-cream time. The delicious cream was made by a very nice mexican man. He patted my head and he has had his shop for years! He makes everything homemade with fresh ingredients. I had banana ice-cream, it was the best ice-cream I have every had.

It is almost midnight. Ruby and I took tomorrow morning off so Im excited to sleep in.

Thanks Chad and Kylie for hosting us! We had a great time in your city. You're the best!


Kylie said...

You are always welcome here!! I am so happy you were able to come to the shower too :)

cjvandenbos said...

what fun you guys are having! maybe you an come visit me and make me some yummy food too :) j/k

ps you guys look beautiful too!!!

peteandjenn said...

I love Jenna's temporary travel blog!

Samantha said...

that fruit basket was seriously that much? You guys look so pretty in all your pictures!!

Abby said...

Great job taking pics! I love the pic on Kylie's blog of YOU cooking...you are always in the kitchen and I love it!
It's been so fun to keep up with you and Ruby..daily!
Have fun in the sun cause it sure aint sunny here...