We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Everybody's workin for the weekend!

Today is Thursday, the day before Friday which is the day before the WEEKEND!

"Central Dispatch, this is Jenna (with a wet bottom workin in our swimsuits), how can I help you?"Today we had a good lunch break. Ruby and Lewis went to Fuller to get free Indian food while I did some 'phone errands' Then we played like 6 year olds in the pool. I needed to work on my frog form.

This guy makes free lunch every Thursday, he takes donations to raise money for his orphanage in India. Isn't that cool?

Tonight we'll be taking Janelle (the blonde short hair one) to the airport and then maybe we'll watch Sex and the City again?????

Dear Kylie,
We will be leaving for San Diego tomorrow and staying with Ruby's cousin or grandma or the street. When can we stop by and see you and your other humans?
Should we make a Filipino dinner?
Should we go stand on surf boards in the ocean?
Maybe we can eat chips?

We're not sure when we will leave, all we know is that we have to be back at work on Monday @ 12pm.

Love, Jenna and Ruby

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Kylie said...

Dear Jenna -

Don't know if you left yet but would love to see you! No big plans for the weekend...just a church dinner tonight. More than welcome to stay with us if you need! Got your message, will call you super soon :)