We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Good News Is, but the bad news is.............

Good News! We ate at the Geisha House. It was very cool inside, I think we'll go again. Maybe I only think it is cool because it is always in shows? click here
Good News! I met Beka's boyfriend Chris Martin... maybe not but I looked at him for a while tonight.

Bad News! Jimmy Kimmel ISN'T LIVE! I tunned in tonight to see if Ruby and I made it on national television and it turns out it won't air until Wednesday! boring

But Im pretty sure Im standing to Jimmy's right when he introduces Coldplay,
"I didn't know what to do with my hands"


I did some clapping and waving so look for us, I better get my Hollywood agent in line for my big debut.

Jenn knows all about what it takes to get your career as an actress going, she was in a commercial.

Good News!

The new tunes come out June 17th! I loved it! They played 6 songs. Maybe Chris is a liar but
one of the songs he said, "this is the first time we will perform the next song for an audience."

Uh-oh, maybe I might have a crush on Beka's boyfriend.


The Dorrs said...

Jenna!!!! I am so jealous!!!! Disneyland and Chris Martin in the same week?!?!? You are living my dream life.


Jim and Brea said...

I bet I'm more jealous than Beka on both fronts. Disneyland is actually the happiest place on earth and Coldplay is one of my favorites. Man!!!

peteandjenn said...

I'll definitely watch tonight for you and I REALLY hope you look a little bit awkward. I hope you can deal with fame as graciously as me.
PS. I let Phil and Pete eat rice with cheese last night for dinner.