We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Last Night In Pasadena

Lewis didn't get much sleep last night so tonight was all about the girl time. How should we end this 18day trip? Why not end it the way we started it?!
Yep, we went to see SATC one more time.
After some more shopping we ate at a glorious brazilian restaurant, Malagueta. I cant pronounce what I ordered or what Ruby did but this is what it looked like:

I thought it would be a great celebration to order the PITCHER of sangria.... We each drank half a glass. The waitress found an empty wine bottle so it wouldn't all go to waste. oops.

This is my beef stuff. sooooo good! The different sauces and flavors were explosions in my mouth.

Ruby ordered the national dish of Brazil, pork stuff.

We walked home to change into comfy shoes and clothes before the 10:20pm showing of SATC. Of course we stopped for ice-cream first. cake batter w/ strawberries. NICE

It was a great way to spend my last night!

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Kylie said...

That is what I always order there too!! Cake batter and ice cream!