We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Few Updates From Home

-9months ago Phil started his 07/08 school year and today he will be finishing he last final. We are now approaching his busy work season and I will be without a husband. Abby better watch out, I'll probably come over every day.

-Mom and Dad Kelley come home today for a few weeks, then they will finish the summer in Latvia. Im excited for Kelley-Family-Ball at Lake Tapps!

-Jericho successfully impregnated his girlfriend now we need to decide if we should take the money or keep a puppy?! The puppy will be born/old enough by my birthday Aug 2nd.

-Phil signed us up for a co-ed softball team for Knife River... I am extremely nervous! I'll giggle and scream every time the ball comes near me. Does anyone wanna play catch to help me with my game?

-Ruby bought plane tickets to come home July 31st-Sept 3rd.
-Lewis bought plane tickets to come home Aug 12th-Aug 28th

-Angie is home in Lebanon for the summer. They are in the process of moving to Portland but they have a very long vacation in July for their honeymoon/one year anniversary in France(July 8th-Aug 12) so they decided not to find a place until they come back in Aug.Just a few updates from home... I will be flying back this Saturday. I'll miss Crystal's party, sad!


Samantha said...

Ruby is coming for an entire month!! awesome!

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