We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Jeff was wrong, THIS is where dreams come true:

Yesterday we went to Disneyland!

But first I met grandma and grandpa. The gave us a big bag of yummy avocados and oranges and took us out to breakfast! I can really tell that these were Kevin's parents, Grandpa Kiker and Kevin have a similar sense of humor!
Disneyland: eat, ride rides, eat some more, ride some more then eat again and spend LOTS of money. I love America.
Last time I went to disneyland, 13yrs ago, California Adventure wasn't open yet... I loved it! They had fresh dipped corn dogs! I got the hot-link, it was sooo big and delicious!

California Adventure had a bad/good ride: it was the rafting one, I got the most wet and the most sad...
But then I got happy again on the California Screamin'. I challenged the ride; "yeah, right! I wont scream". by the time I got off my head was killing me from the lack of oxygen due to all my screaming.

We spent the rest of the night at Disneyland, the park closed at 12am. We rode just about every ride. It is funny to see all the crying kids late at night, they used to be soooo happy.
forever favorite: Space Mountain!! no roller coaster can beat it!

Of course there is the parade... Lion King was my favorite! I so badly wanted to be a disney dancer!
My favorite part: Fantasmic

we watched both showings, I loved it! We watched the 1st, literally ran to the castle for the fireworks then ran back to get a good spot for Fantasmic. We probably looked like idiots but I was 10yrs old most of the day anyway, I didn't care.
We had a 12hr day, I spared you the detailed list of everything we did. The funny thing is that after we rode Indiana Jones at 11:30 we ran to Story Book Land and road every little kid ride in under 20mins, those little cry babies all went home.

My feet hurt today.


The Dorrs said...

Bring me back some of grandpa's avocados! Or at least a corn dog from California adventure (aren't they so good!?!??!).


peteandjenn said...

I'm a tiny bit anti-disneyland but that sounded like FUN!