We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hey Lewis! Great Party!

Lewis I had a great time at your birthday party. Im sorry you couldn't make it. Everyone misses you and Rubes, you have a great community of friends in Corvallis. COME HOME!!

Pants is home Im so happy. She is leaving for France soon, lucky!

Wubby made the most amazing brawts! I can't tell you his secret recipe but his method is to marinate first then grill, but let me tell you... the best brawts I have EVER had.. mmm!

The party was byom and I made 2olbs of homemade mac n cheese. no joke

Sean got the award for best tank top.

A lot of people came, even Tiffers! What a great night!

So the next morning I woke up and chica had attacked a bag of buns and ate both the buns and the bag. she had a yucky tummy and had to sleep outside. I was worried Jericho would steal her bed so I put 2 outside. Look how cute they were when I found them the next morning.

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The Bains said...

Betsy loved and ate so much of your mac and cheese that she pooped three times the next day. Thanks Jenna!

P.S. I think Denny is sad he didn't get to eat any.