We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Funny Weekend

Phil of course worked all weekend again but his early sunday am shift got changed to pm so we had an evening and morning together. First time falling asleep with someone in my bed in the last few weeks!

Saturday when Phil woke up from his night shift we made plans to go to the coast and relieve the dogs from this heat wave. As we started getting ready Phil got called into work?! I've been pretty tough this summer but this time I started crying...I can laugh about it now, its pretty funny. But it turned out Phil just had to monitor a pump at the job site that needed 24hr attention so I went with him!
So nice to just hangout and talk to my husband...wow! Oh and take our profiles.

Knife River was a Linn Country Fair Sponsor so Phil and I got some tickets to the concert that night..butt-rock, so loud and boring but fun to hangout with Phil's bosses. Such fun/funny guys. We hung out at the usual Bailey's in downtown Albany.

Sunday Phil got to come to his first and probably last Sunday Tribe at the Kirkbrides. Mark led and did a great job. We had a yummy burrito bar. For those of you who dont go to Dox our church community is meeting in small groups on sunday mornings and having our large gathering Tues nights at Avery Park. Its a really cool change. This is a deer at the Kirkbride's who host our Tribe, that Phil really really wanted to....put to sleep. Look at how close it got to him?

I was feeling crazy Sunday night so I went back to work with Phil. We stayed out there until about 6am. I was exhausted last night!!!!! But I still managed to have an impromptu bbq. I realized we haven't had people over allll summer with Phil working nights. Boo! But if people come over 3-5 they'll get a quick glimpse of my hardworking guy.

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Andrew and Janneke Last said...

Hi! Thanks for your comments...yeah..since a part of the blog readers have no idea what i'm writing I have to have some cute photo's up there ;) The photo's from the last post are different camera's but Andrew got a Nikon camera a couple of months ago.. I can ask him what type if you are interested...