We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Better Late Then Never....4th of July Weekend

Wow! I've been procrastinating. We had an amazing 4th of July Weekend, I couldn't let it get forgotten. Abby already uploaded all my photos on her blog but her blog is also private so for those of you who didn't have access:

Phil and I have Friday the 3rd off of work and reservations for The Nines(click here) in downtown Portland with Abby and Denny for the 3rd and the 4th. Amazing, beautiful hotel. We were FREAKING OUT when we first walked in our room...gorgeous.

Ryan And Lindsey met up with us for dinner.
We had a SW Corner room with a great view....what more could a girl ask for then to have Nordstrom outside her window?
The Nine's didnt miss one detail of decor. I just loved the color scheme!
View of the Pioneer Court House out our South facing windows

and Pioneer Square Just loved the furniture and even the carpet! so pretty.
Lots of interesting things on the streets of Portland.
We hit up the Portland City Grill's happy hour. BEST EVER. gourmet food for super cheap.

View from our table.
Phil ordered Proscuitto Wrapped Provolone for only $4!!! and is was delicious. happy hour menu
We had an early night Friday. You'd think we'd hit up the town but we seriously went to bed at 10. Just rented a movie and enjoyed our room. I slept really great in a super comfy bed despite Denny's snoring! :)

Strange things happen on vacation. I woke up Saturday at 5:30am wide awake!! Of course everyone was still sleeping so I put on my workout clothes, walked to the water front and ran N to Burnside bridge, crossed over, ran back S to another bridge and made a great 3mi loop. I felt so alive. I loved running in the city, I felt like I was in a movie or something. I came back to the room to my sleeping babies so I left again and went to Starbucks got them coffee, left it on the desk then went to the Nine's library. I found a really funny book then headed to The Nine's gym and read for an hour on the bike until Phil finally woke up at 8am.

We walked around downtown and found a great breakfast hole. I had a tofu scramble and he had an elk sausage scramble...mmmm.

I met Abby back at the room and we went to Norsdstrom and got our makeup done... I LOVE THE MAC COUNTER! Abby looked gorgeous of course and I went crazy with bright RED lipstick, dont worry, I bought it!

A charter bus picked us and other guest from The Nines and took us to a beautiful vineyard about an hour away. I wish I could remember the name because it was worth the drive.

The ceremony was HOT. I was sweating bullets. It was gross, sweat just dripping down my legs into my shoes...well Ruby's shoes, sorry rubes. But I couldnt complain, poor Kevin had to be dying.

Kevin and his parents.Bridesmaid's dreses. I loved the dark purple.

The bride rolled up in a old car. So classic.
Bre was walked down the isle by her brother.
I loved her dress, she looked amazing.
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Boss
The Ladies. This wedding was definitely a Philomath Reunion. I tend to get bored at these but at least I had another Lebanon girl to hangout with.

Beautiful view. The vineyard was perched upon a steep hill.

So fun to get away with the Bains. We haven't gone a double date...ever?? So great the mom&dad could get away and CELEBRATE their anniversary.Kevin is TALL..not this tall but he is huge. As were his 5other New York Giants friends.
The glowing bride.
Check out that makeup! I wish we had a MAC counter in Corvallis.
After the ceremony there were a few Ice sculpture and h'orderve stations. With waiters carrying red and white wine and McMinemin's brews. So fancy and fun. I stayed away from alcohol, it was way to hot, one glass of wine would have made me craaaaaaazy.

Dinner was under tents and seated. Kevin and Bre had cute little photos at each plate. The photos went along with the guest book theme. They had a photobooth set up that printed 2 copies. One for their book and one for the guests to keep. Such a cute idea!Dinner. Chicken and filet mignon. delicous.

Instead of cake they had pies. The same lady that did Abby and Denny's wedding. I ate all my pie and all my icecream. And after I ate I was exhausated! Let me remind you I woke up at 530am.
We had a few rounds of dancing, reception ended about 930pm.
Charter bus took us to the after party 23/Hoyt. There was a live band and a buffet of yummy bar food: mac n cheese, mini sliders, chicken scewers, fries and beer on the house. I died. I sat down and couldn't move. Sooo tired from an early morning and a 15hr wedding!

I was so happy all weekend. I was definitely my kind of trip. I LOVE dressing up and being fancy. I could easily be a city girl, but my country boy could not.

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Janelle said...

fancy fancy wedding! LOVE the red sexy dress Jenna. looks awesome!!