We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Early Birthday Surprise!

I love my husband, I love my husband, I love my husband!
Next sunday is my ACTUAL birthday but I'll be going to the Jamboree all weekend and Phil will be working. To make up for it

Phil woke me up Saturday morning and made me crawl from my bed to the front yard where a brand new Women's Globe Vienna 3 was parked outside with a new helmet. I haven't had a bike since 2nd grade. There wasn't a place to ride a bike on the farm. Phil and I have both been wanting bikes so we could ride together so he also retrieved his dad's old bike from 1979 and replaced the tubes and tires.

So after a quick shower we rode to the Saturday Market. Busy and Fun as usual.
Sat at the fountain with our drinks from Purple Moon and watched the kids at the fountain. Everyone, Purple Moon has the BEST Organic ORANGE JUICE! They squeeze it fresh right in front of you, go get some!

I started calling friends to have them come hangout at the waterfront because I thought that was the end of my Birthday-Day, Phil had me cancel my calls because it was only the Beginning! Next stop, Willamette Park.After a quick stop at a garage sale and brisk ride to the park we found Peter, Jenny and Bad at the park with a beautiful picnic of all my favorite things!!!!! I was so surprised! I LOVE SURPRISES!!!

And my NEW FAVORITE thing. Delicious cookie sandwiches Jenny made. So So good. I want one now!!!! Jenn also made hand-squeezed lemonade...she must really like me!
The spread. Extra garlic bruschetta (Jenn knows how I love garlic), brie, goat cheese, roasted red peppers...SO GOOD!!!!!!Pete even got the dogs. Bem had fun walking Apple. She just kept cracking up. I guess its really really funny to hold a dog leash.
Classic picture of Bem. "peas nu-nu" Thanks again Pete,Jenn and Bemma. Such a great birthday present!
After another shower and a nap we started Phase 3. A pleasant drive to the breezy Oregon Coast. We first had dinner in Newport at Saffron Salmon (Whitney's wise suggestion, you were right Whit!)

You have to try it. It is in the Historic Bay Front Area at the very beginning of the strip and at the end of of the pier. I had never seen it before. We usually go straight to Moe's and the sea lions. Since it was my birthday we decided to splurge and order a bottle of wine.

We shared this INCREDIBLE crab cocktail. I could have had a few of those and been completely satisfied. So So good!
Their chowder was also good. Sorry Moe's but you're no longer my favorite.
Phil got the Seafood Pasta. I was so impressed with the huge chunks of crab.
And I of course had to order the Saffron Salmon. Loved it! Best Salmon I have ever had!
I just love that guy!Our dinner ended around 8pm and we weren't quite ready to go home. So we drove up to Lincoln City and played at the Casino. We left even, which was good!

Great DAY! I'm so thankful for a wonderful family and a wonderful Husband.

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Ryan and Lindsey said...

Wow you're such a lucky lady!! What a wonderful early birthday surprise!! Happy Birthday!