We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, June 8, 2009

When I Can't Get My Workout In

Phil and I had a busy weekend. I wasn't able to get a traditional workout in on Saturday. We were meeting friends at 5:30pm. It was 4:50pm so I just started wogging toward our friends house until Phil was ready to leave and pick me up halfway.

On Sunday I did the same thing. We had dinner plans with Phil's parents at 5 so I left early and wogged to their house.

So for this Tuesday I'll be rushing to Lebanon for my lil' brother's graduation so I think I leave early and start walking and have Phil come get me on the way?!

I like this 'one-way' wogging instead of 'roundtrips'. Its fun to go in just one direction and see how far you can make it.


Janelle said...

Yeah! we did one-way running in college cross country..except the other way around. Coach would drive us out 7-8 miles, drop us off, and we'd have to run back to campus. no mercy. it sounds a little mean, but it was a nice change from running loops. And you can't do any shortcuts!

Fiona said...

Good idea!