We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


With Phil going back to work means more cooking. Its one of the good things when Phil goes back to work, I experiment on him and its fun. He is honest with me if I take things too far...

I know Phil would be happy with a costco frozen breakfast sandwich for breakfast and PB&J for lunch, he is very easy to please, but with all his hard work I want him to eat healthy.

Deli meat is expensive?! $6-$9 per pound. So instead I bought a pork shoulder from the discount meat bin at safeway 1.59/lb.

And the over processed, white hoagie rolls that get soggy in one hour are $5 for 6. So instead I bought a .99 baguette and cut it into thirds. Tastier, and cheaper. I just have to buy a new one every 3 days. But I don't mind.

For lunch this week Phil gets Thai Pork Baguettes

Cooking the pork shoulder:

boiled it for a few hours until the meat was flaky in:
rice vinegar
sirachi (hot sauce)
brown sugar

Made a slaw:
green onion
sesame oil
rice vinegar

PB on the bread to add a creamy texture.

everything is in organized tup-a-ware so Phil can easily prepare his sandwich in the morning.

Also for the morning... breakfast.

Breakfast burritos assembled the night before and kept on a paper plate(sorry beka) so phil can microwave in the morning.

In the food processor I blended, eggs, onion, spinach and red pepper. Just trying to sneak in extra vitamins in my huge batch of scrambled eggs. Stored in tupaware.

Soaked and boiled some pinto beans for extra protien.

made fresh salsa to go on top.

cut avocados into quarters to make it extra creamy so he doesnt miss the huge glob of sour cream.

I also got the uber healthy whole wheat low carb tortillas... I might get busted for that one.

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