We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Good Full Fun Saturday

Phil didn't have to work! He found out Friday night that he didn't have to go in on Saturday so we packed in as much as we could into our weekend.

Saturday morning we woke up and started working on our yard. My mom and baby bro came over and we built a fence to protect the garden from the dogs.

Then we went to the saturday market. It was good this week. Hip hop dancers and a great musical performances with maybe 6 balafons? Is that what they are? I had to google it.

Ate a great lunch at the market, and bought some peppers for the garden.

After my fam went home Phil and I went on a good scooter ride.

We spent a few hours back in the garden, weeding, planting the peppers and replanting seeds where the dogs destroyed my baby plants. Hopefully its not too late to plant seeds.

Emma game over at 3ish. We went on a nice long walk to the park for a picnic. Awesome park with recycle tires for a soft bouncy ground.

After our picnic we walked to the duck park to feed them our leftover bread...Emma eventually discovered the bread was more fun to eat than to throw to the ducks.

Then we visited the Bain family. Betsy is so sweet Emma. She likes to hold her face and talk to her very close.

We took Bem home, had a short visit with Pete and Jenn then went on a hot date to Applebee's. so romantic.

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