We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Future

My baby bro is now ready to step out into the big world and learn how to be an adult. Its been 7yrs since I graduated, weird, and I still feel like a kid.

My grandma, so beautiful!
Joel 28, Kenny 17 and Jenna 24.
The happy graduate scored big cash! Each of us got a senior trip when we graduated. My parents are tying to send Kenny to Hawaii but he doesn't want to go??? WHAT!! Who denies a free trip to Hawaii? The friend that was going to go with him can't anymore and he doesn't want to go alone. He said he'd go if I went....
So my Dad made MONSTER burger patties, so so huge! I had to cut mine in half. Oh, hey Uncle Bob.

The little guy plans on getting his CNA This summer and working while going to school to eventually become a Nurse..or a Murse.


Jim and Brea said...

Jenna, your hair looks so cute in these pictures! I know it has nothing to do with your brother graduation, which is awesome by the way, but you're cute and I wanted you to know!!

Michaela said...

wow. i can't believe your little brother graduated! crazy! you look beautiful in that picture with your grandma by the way!