We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Save Money

I agree its so much easier to by bags of frozen cut up chicken but it is also 3x the cost of buying whole fryers. Safeway has a great sale right now .99/lb, you can buy a whole chicken for $3-$4.

I bought one and cut it up and made meals for the whole week. All you need is some tup-a-ware and good kitchen shears. Freeze some pieces or keep on hand in the fridge.

My dad taught me how to cut up a chicken. I'll spare you cheesy photos of myself or a home video, I found this on hulu.com:

freeze the backs and wing tips to make stocks and soups.


More Dorrs said...

Freddies has them on sale for 0.79 per pound about once a month. I always stock up when they do. I can stretch out a whole chicken to at least 3 meals, so it is totally worth it!

Let's share chicken recipes!

Christian and Erika said...

nice! the video is a nice touch. :)

peteandjenn said...

The thought of cutting up a chicken with scissors makes me want to vomit but the money saved holds it down. I'll do it. Actually maybe you could just come over and do it for me? That way I don't have to.