We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Attention Doxology Community

Sweet Baby Gabe is almost here!!(Studio M Photography)

I'm organizing volunteers on a 4week schedule that are willing to go up/over/down to Independence to bring the Pannebakers a meal or take sweet Grace on a play date so that Leslie can rest with the new tiny guy.

As soon as we hear word that sweet Gabe has blessed us with his presence we can start filling in dates. Family has requested the first week post partum for privacy and then we can start serving the Pannebakers. Please sign up for one or more days, or commit to the same day for the full 4 weeks.


peteandjenn said...

Sign me up! Guess i'll just call you.

More Dorrs said...

Sign me up! Also, since I work in Salem, I would be willing to take meals for other people and just drop them by after work!


Ryan and Lindsey said...

oh I'm in too! Just tell me when! It's very nice of you to organize this!

Jilly said...

Jenna, let me know! We'll be gone until July 11th.

Fiona said...

I'll do it. Gone until the 10th.

The Drakes said...

i can go over and ari and i can play with grace - what a tough job! i'll bring meals too. like beka i can deliver others' meals if they just get them to me sunday at dox. thanks jenna! -- j