We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fifty and Fabulous

Before I can start blogging my "Summer in the City" I need to catch up on a few very important events.
March 16th my mommy turned 50! We had an amazing 3day celebration.

I kept each phase of the weekend a surprise. The weekend before her birthday we shopped for a "couple" birthday outfits,(turns out my mom and I have similar shopping habbits :)).

Phase 1 started with a detailed packing list and instructions for my mom to come directly to my house after work on Friday. Decorated my bedroom as a birthday guest suite including her favorite chocolate and wine and of course a few 50yrs-old gag gifts.

First event on Friday was to go get coffee and shop at Border's for books for top secret Phase 2.
After shopping we went home and got gussied up for a girls night on the town. First we went to Fireworks for cocktails and dinner.

Fireworks has the best firecooked pizza and I love their raspberry lemondrops.After dinner we went to Bar 101 for dessert.
Everyone needs their own giant cookie on their birthday.

After dessert we went home and had popcorn and watched Julie and Julia...perfect movie for my mom. Then to bed for a big day Saturday!
Saturday morning we woke up early and went to Sam's Station for breakfast. I really needed my mom to taste their AMAZING shirred eggs. You need to try them if you havent.

After breakfast we went to yoga at my gym. It was my mom's first experience and she LOVED it. Too bad Lebanon, where she lives, doesnt have yoga. She was so energized and happy afterward.

After yoga I gave her a card to let her know that she is "Fifty and Fabulous so lets go get beautified!"

We had prepacked bags with our previously purchased books and went to Epic Day Spa(prev: 7 Stones)

First off we lounged in the steam room and relaxed in the viche showers.

After that we lounged some more in the sanctuary while we waited for our facials.

After that we had spa lunch and wine.
After lunch mom had a manicure.
We both got pedicures.
She'll kill me for posting this but its all apart of the transformation! ha ha ha. She got a cut, color and style. Coloring takes soooooooo long! We read our books and I napped in the sanctuary. We also drank more wine...
Final touch, a makeup application. Look at that hair!
7hrs at the spa... I seriously could do that everyday of the week!
After the spa we went home to put on our new dresses for dinner.
Isnt she beautiful. If you dont know my mom she is sweatshirt, jeans and nike's kinda gal.
I was so proud of my mom for buying these heals! I carried backup flats in my purse just in case :)
Speaking of hot....check out my Grandma!!!
My parents were so giggly and like teenagers all night. My mom was just glowing. My goal to make her feel special was exceeded.

We had reservations at Terzo. My Aunt and Uncle flew up from LA, she was SO surprised.

My brother Joel and his gorgeous girl, Ana,(not so sure how he tricked her into liking him?!)
Tonya, my brother Tracy's girlfriend. After dinner at Terzo we went to Cloud 9 for drinks and music.
Baby Kenny. He's so cute. Not sure how he got into the bar?!
The "adult table". Clockwise. My mom, Uncle Bob and his wife Aunt Angie, Uncle Ken's wife Aunt Heather, my weird Dad, and my Uncle Ken from LA.
My guy. I loved my hair. It took me a while to figure out how to make a curl pile on the side of my head....so spanish senorita!
Sunday we all headed to Lebanon for brunch at my Uncle Bob's.

Aunt Angie made an amazing spread!


fruit scewers, sausage egg crustless quiche muffins, blueberry sourcream pancakes, pulled pork tacos.I ate it all and then some!
After brunch we walked around the Tyler Hill area. I love these guys!
So happy to spend time with the Californians. Tyler Hill area is so pretty.

Wrapping up the weekend.
I had an amazing weekend with my mama. I love you so much!! Happy 50th!

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