We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our First PDX Weekend

Friday June 11th. The day I had been waiting for since Novemberish when Phil first got his internship. It was finally here the beginning of a small adventure in a fun city with my favorite guy! I took Friday through Monday off to move, settle in and explore my new neighborhood.

Months ago, one of the rare afternoons Ruby and I actually watched TV in the "man room" we saw a show on the travel channel that featured Pok Pok in Portland on 32 and Division. It was a Thai restaurant that looked fun, trendy and DELICIOUS. I was super excited to finally try it. It was about a mile walk from our house. The wait was insane 1hr 30mins. However there is a "waiting lounge" across the street. Whiskey Soda Lounge that serves tasty drinks and treats while you wait for your table.
I ordered the "King and I" cocktail. 2 thumbs up! We also order the sweet and spicy chicken wings. finger lickin' good!
Lewis, so daring, ordered the pig ears. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiinteresting... crunchy chew edible
Don't they look like they are having so much fun?! In my and Ruby's opinion the wait was well worth it. INCREDIBLE food. I plan to eat there again and soon. Phil was surprised by the prices and small portions so that is something to consider. I was surprised by the explosion of awesome flavors, no complaints from me!
Saturday morning the boys slept in while Ruby and I went on a 5.2mi run. Down Belmont to the river over the Morrison St Bridge down to Hawthorne Bridge then back east to our street. Toward the end of our run I had no idea where we were when Ruby said "Hey this looks like Sarah Nolde's house" I looked up and on the balcony was little miss Sarah talking on her phone. SO RANDOM and fun to see her and realize how close we are to each other.

After our RUN the boys needed to watch the opening game of the world cup so Ruby and I went to stump town and did some shopping on my street. Cute vintage shops and clothing boutiques.

Lewis is pretty happy about his tacos. Phil was extra thrilled. His goal this summer is to find the best taco truck in Portland and loves that we have one right down the street. I think these boys ate here 3 times in one day?!
If you look closely you'll see a pogo stick guy. Interesting mode of transportation.
Outside our house there is a table and chairs chained to a post. Great place to sit and people watch!

My favorite snack in the whole world. Baguette, brie, roasted garlic and apricot jam. Unfortunately one of the first mistakes I made in Portland is spending $76 on one bag of groceries at Zupan's. Note to self I may walk there for emergency items but I can not shop there. I loooooooooove Zupan's. Their prepared food section is like nothing we have at home in Corvallis!

After relaxing in the front Ruby and I walked to Hawthorne for Waffle Window...OUR FAVORITE still.

The boys met up with us later.
We are really close the McMenamin's on Hawthorne. One of their multiple bars is the "backstage" with huge high ceilings. Its my favorite place to get cheap food late at night.Ruby and Lewis left EARLY Sunday morning because Ruby had to work. I had such a great time exploring with them and so thankful for their help moving!

Later that afternoon Phil and I went in search of business man clothes and a Winco and loaded up on groceries. We got home just in time for Pete and Jenn to bring Emma over for a sleep over. P&J had a wedding so I volunteered to take the Bem. I was so happy to have her at our new place. Ryan and Holly have a 3yr old that Emma played very well with. They have a great backyard with lots of kid stuff. Monday morning Emma and I made homemade biscuits for breakfast. She was a great helper and very proud of herself.

When P&J came back from their stay downtown we went to try another restaurant from featured on the travel channel or food network Pine State Biscuits(less than a block from my house). Having just had biscuits for breakfast I got a corn dog. ha ha ha I LOVE corn dogs especially disneyland corndogs and this one was very very close! Jake Dorr you need to try it!

I was happy to have convinced P&J to go on a walk around my neighborhood kidless with both hands free! I'm very happy that they went to the Waffle Window and loved it just as much as Ruby and I. It was actually my first time watching both the babes at once. I loved it.
silly Mo-Mo... "SURPRISE!" he said.
It was a full busy weekend with friends and visitors and settling in, so happy I took Monday off. Tiffy came over for dinner that night to welcome Phil home from his first day of work!

Phil got some sweet loot at his first day of work. Check it out. I was excited about the water bottle. I didnt pack one from home.The worker man on his first day. He was nervous to go to work over dressed and turns out wearing a polo made him under dressed. Long sleeve button-ups for him this summer VERY different than his dirty oily pants from that last 4!!! What a change!

Weekend one. completed.

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