We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mother's Day In Redmond

For Mother's Day this year we took my mom and grandma wine tasting. we paid my little bro to drive my parents new 12passenger van. it was a blast but sadly I forgot my camera...STUPID! The Eugene vineyards are gorgeous. My favorite was Sweet Cheeks...thanks Heather for the recommendation.

For Phil's mom we wanted to take her out to Cowboy dinner tree in eastern oregon where they were staying but unfortunately Nancy and the kids got sick so we didn't meet up with them. We did however spend some time with the Heidrick's and the Roes.

I had to post this photo because its so cute. Falling asleep together on the couch like little boys and sleeping on their food.... ha ha ha.

We spent a lot of time hanging out at the Heidrick's new place and of course the cafe. It was fun to be around for Heather's first weekend of work and witness the Cafe have a record busy day!

One night we went to Bend for a movie and some sweet video gaming...Don't ya just love Phil's outfit?!
We did get an afternoon hike in at Smith Rock. We hiked misery ridge and it was good/hard/nice/windy. While Bre and Phil ran down the entrance hill Jim and I did some sight seeing...

This series of photos make me laugh. Jim and I running to catchup with Phil and Bre....

The hike was very steep. I was huffin and puffin but so happy we did it.

It was a creepy looking down because the trail is so steep and narrow.

Bre was our MVP and pace setter.
Sweet view from the top. It started raining once we reached the top so we had to hurry down.

oh Jim...

Thanks for the great weekend. I wish I had more pictures!

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Fiona said...

Jenna thanks for keeping us updated on your life and I love all your wonderful photos. Hope you are doing ok in your new surroundings. Been thinking about you. Maybe see you this weekend?