We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Friday, June 18, 2010

April Happened

Back to blog catching up. Scrolling through my April photos there are a few things worth mentioning!

Delicious spring salads! Ruby has taught me you always need some kind of fresh fruit, some kind of dried fruit, a nut, a cheese, a few veggies and a meat/tofu/avocado. Perfect salad every time. We've been extra lucky to have fresh greens from the garden!Beka had a birthday it was fun girls night and I guess I forgot to take pictures of the guests when they arrived. :) Ruby and I got there early to decorate!
as always lots of slumber parties with Emma. She loves "yewis"
I'm so happy that Ruby works at purple moon. I visited her a lot in the mornings and the days I didnt she brought me coffee after her shift. (I always paid for it of course.)
We cannot forget about the spring chinook that Lewis caught and the fillets that Ruby's dad gave us. Oh my....definitely one of the best things about spring!!

Lots of fun things happened in April I of course was on a blogging hiatus which means I also didnt take pictures. Easter happened, Jaimie's Birthday happened (Heather I want more risotto!)Pete's 30th was awesome, Jeff H.'s graduation party was fun, Jim's welcome home from Iraq was even better!

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