We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Friday, June 18, 2010


The week before Memorial Day weekend I house sat for my Aunt and Uncle while they were in Hawaii. It was an awesome relaxing time while I mentally prepared for all the cleaning, organizing, packing and moving to come. Phil came back and forth between Lebanon and Corvallis. My uncle's house is awesome... I don't think I'd mind living in the country.

I lived in Lebanon my whole childhood and I had never went to Willamette Speedway. Phil and I HAD to check it out. I totally forgot that an old friend and her family owned it. We got in for free and got free drinks. So thoughtful.

It was crazy and so fun and sooooooooo loud! So much adrenaline!
The crashes were scary. After this crash there was a little boy maybe 8 who yelled "I know awesome and that was aaaawesome!" ha ha ha ha
Being in lebanon meant I also got to spend some good quality time with Jess and the kids. Miss Ruby and I went on a mission one night to find dinner to-go for mama and Finn. Lebanon has some really good Thai food!! She is sooo cute, I love that she calls me Johnny. ha ha ha

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