We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Husbandless Weekend

Thursday-Sunday Phil was in CO for his childhood friend's wedding, Jake Kettles. Phil was honored to be a groomsmen and I somehow forgot to send the camera with him.

I was nervous to be alone all weekend so Ruby believe it or not came up for her 4th weekend in a row! She is a dedicated friend!!!!

Friday Heather hooked us up with a free ticket to see Jewel at the Zoo. It was a blast. Ruby and I were to meet Heather at the zoo so Rubes and I tried the Gold Dust Meridian for happy hour before hand. It was recommended twice so we had to try it.

The food was cheap and yummy. Pork skewers, risotto balls, and chorizo&clams. YUM YUM
I tried to be a real city girl and plan our trip to the zoo using public transit. My first try went pretty well. We missed our first bus no biggy but to get to the max on time we had to run a few blocks...I can only imagine what people thought of those 2 screaming girls holding hands running aimlessly.Heather's Aunt got there early and laid out blankets so we were very close to the stage. Heather's step-mom made a bomb picnic. Ruby and I felt so blessed and undeserving of the special treatment. Jewel was great live. She sang beautifully and yoddled at the end, so fun.

Heather spared us the public transit ride home and drove us back to the east side. Ruby and I tried another new bar on Belmont the Hobnob...it was ok not great just ok. We had sliders and pizza off the late night menu.

Saturday Ruby let me sleep in while she went to Stumptown to read...what a gal. When I arose from slumber we decided to walk to Screen Door for breakfast. OH ME OH MY! Best breakfast of my life. This picture doesnt do it justice, I shouldnt even post it.

We met Walker, Ruby's brother who also lived close. He got the breakfast sandwich with fried chicken. Ruby and I shared the Spring Veggie Hash with eggs, praline bacon(bacon baked with brown sugar and pralines DECADENT) and a side of biscuits and gravy...of course we had to try their biscuits and gravy.

Phil and I had tried the Screen Door when we first viewed our apartment in May and Holly & Ryan recommended if we didnt need to rush home to have dinner there. It was love at first taste and I had no idea then that they served breakfast!

It felt so good to walk home after filling our tummy's full. After breakfast we did a little shopping, stopped at St. Cupcakes for a tiny snack then got books and a blanket and laid in the park. Then we went to the Loyd Center for some XX1 shopping and Sex and The City 2. Honestly I think Ruby and I agree there were to many cheesy parts but we will continue to love our Carrie Bradshaw.

After the movie we went to Pho Van for dinner. There is a location close to my house. I'm no stranger to Pho Van. After Bwandon and Kayla first introduced Phil and I to it last summer I requested it every time we visited. Sorry we were so boring!!! Ruby and I were crazy and walked to Waffle Window for dessert.

Ruby went home Saturday night because of Sunday morning work. I was able to tough it out one night alone. Phil got home Sunday afternoon and we went out to eat AGAIN. My waistline is in jeopardy! We tried Cha Cha Cha on Hawthorne. A pleasant surprise! Cheap delicious mexican food. I think it is Phil's new favorite and only a few blocks away. I had the tamales. Up until this point Intaba's in Corvallis made my favorite tamales... Cha Cha Cha takes the lead!

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