We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Wedding of Grahm and Charlotte

Saturday August 22nd Phil and I had the honor of attending an amazingly fun and original wedding.

So excited for:
A) Phil not having to work
B) The awesome celebration ahead!
I loved all the personal touches Charlotte added. The fan/programs were great! All summer weddings need fan-programs!!
The wedding was at the Trask Property. This is where my Ruby grew up. Such a beautiful piece of land. Grahm helped build this deck overlooking the Alsea river for the big day.
Phil and I were happy to hangout with some people we knew. Fiona looked beautiful.

The Beautiful bride. We were in the front. I had to stand on my hay bail to see.
I loved the back of Chars dress! She was amazingly gorgeous.

Ruby and Lewis were both in the wedding. Lewis read a special prayer. The bridesmaids dresses were from victoria secret and they had convertible tops meaning you could make it greek style, strapless, halter...possibilities were endless. I might buy one just for fun.

Beautiful Sister and Brother of the groom.
My friend was home for 14days! Unfortunately all her time was spent helping with the wedding but thats ok. That was the whole purpose of taking time off the PCT.
The beautiful view from the altar. What a beautiful river. I saw a trask family photo in the house when Ruby was a kid. Each person was standing on one of those rocks, so cute.
View from the altar to the barn and far to the right the reception area.
There were cute little lanterns marking the path to the reception.
We were greeted with appetizers while we waited for the groom and bride to return. The salmon spread was made from smoked salmon Grahm caught in the spring. My favorite were the brie&apricot puffs. Phil was pretty happy to have Ruby Ale from Mcmennamins.
The reception area in the apple tree orchard. Very pretty with all the lights and lanterns.
Lots of bright color and dahlias.

The wedding party coming to the reception. The looked liked angels in that lighting.
And so crazy, there was a rainbow thing over their heads as they walked over. Magical.
Welcoming all the way from the PCT...Ruby and Lewis!
Welcome back Bride and Groom!
Cutest Photo shoot with a tractor. Let me just say they had the BEST photographer I had ever seen. She was working SO HARD. Running around everywhere. I actually liked how forceful she was with Charlotte, they are going to have some amazing shots. The fearless photographer was from Poland, I just loved her accent.
Huge highlight.....THE FOOD!! Grahm and the guys roasted a pig that they started raising when they first got engaged. Barb and all her workers made delicious food all with local and mostly organic ingredients. My new favorite is Grandmas "icky beans". Best beans ever!
Ruby was the prettiest bridesmaid by far. She was so creative with her little headband. I just loved it.
Sexy ladies. One hour curling my hair and it only lasted through the ceremony, why do I bother?!
The dessert table. Char had different people bring a cake or a pie on a stand. Guess which one I brought...
The stunning mother of the groom. Barb worked so hard on this wedding. She was a wonderful hostess.
The fabulous four!
Toast to the bride and groom.
Wow a teeny tiny lewis. His pants were size 32 and loose!!! Tiny!
Walker was a great MC.
First Dance
Somehow I took a photo at the same time as the photographer, the flash did funny things.
Handsome groom.
This was probably the best dance party I had ever been too. We had so much fun. Char did an amazing job designing a beautiful GREEN wedding. The beer cups were even made from corn!


charlotte&grahm said...

Thanks Jenna for such a great post. I love seeing everyones pictures since the photographer will not have mine done for a month.

On another note, I wanted to clarify that almost all the food besides the bean, pig and apricot packets where made with the help of my friends the thursday before the wedding. We worked until 1 in the morning so I wanted to give them a bit of credit. Thanks to Gathering Together Farms and my friends we could never of done all that food in 4 hours. It was a bit of craziness.

Thanks again for the AMAZING post, hopefully we see you and Phil again soon.

scotty and crystal said...

Wow, this is a great post. So many great pictures!!! LOVE it!! You all look amazing. Can wait to see you in 5 days!!!

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Fun post.