We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jamboree and Birthday

I had an AWESOME time volunteering for Purple Moon at the Jamboree. It was great to meet new people, eat good food , listen to country music, see old highschool friends, stay at my parents house and spend time with Jess.

I finally got to officially meet Jenny. I've been blog stocking her and sweet Caleb for a while now.

I was really excited to make Espresso again. It really is like riding a bike. Ester was very patient with me while I found my groove. I miss this environment. So much energy from rushes, customers and having fun with co-workers.So Friday night was Tim McGraw. It was a lot of fun. This guy was loving it!

Jessica's fam was so nice to host me. The got in line everyday and brought an extra chair for me. Jessi's grandpa also had a sweet camp spot right behind the stage, the fed me between shifts. Thanks Linda Lou!

Baby Finn loves country!
Momma and Popa. Casey is really good at singing along! He may know every word to every song EVER.
Saturday night for Din we had Philly Cheese Steak! mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
I actually ate really healthy all weekend despite being surrounded by corndogs and elephant ears. Ester and Johnny's stand had some delicious healthy eats and vitamin packed smoothies. Im officially addicted to Purple Moon!!! You have to try their amazing smoothies.

This was the veggie bagel: hummus, sunflower sprouts, cucumber, carrot, cabbage, tomato, avocado and pesto. SO SO GOOD!
Sunday morning I woke up to my birthday cake! It was fun to be home at my parents for my birthday. Who says you can't eat cheese cake, ice cream and fritos for breakfast?!
Sunday Everyone was pretty tired. I didnt stay forMontgomery Gentry, I left directly after my shift. Ruby came this day so Casey and Jess didnt last long either.

Sweet Ruby is such a big girl! She was wearing her big girl underwear!
Sunday I came home to a very nice surprise Grilled Fish Taco Dinner! Thanks friends. I love you dearly! And Wubby Flew up from AZ!

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