We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


It is interesting how food is more than just necessary nutrition but it is also attached to memories. With Caleb visiting and when Ruby and Lewis are home we always have to eat at certain places. For example the great American Dream and Local Boyz. We have accomplished these goals and also managed to fit in a Filipino Night with Family.

We had the standard, Lumpia, Adobo and Pansit.I picked some sunflowers from my garden and gladiolas. I didn't realize how pretty gladiolas are, I think I will plant so more bulbs for next year.

Wubby and Nate have kept themselves BUSY this week. Monday was their corvallis day, they hiked bald hill ate at Local Boyz and just hung out. Tuesday they went to the coast, came back for Dox and had American Dream for dinner. Wednesday they went to Silver Creek Falls and made it back in time for Filipino Night. This was breakfast yesterday. I made my guests breakfast but didnt have a place for them to sit. They ate nicely at Emma's table.
So today, when Phil wakes up from his night shift, we will be heading over to Bend for an early weekend. It will be the Heidebrecht reunion(Nancy's brother and sisters). Nate is going to get a Full Oregon Experience! I'm hoping to be active. I havent been working out lately, its been hard with house guests.


Marissa said...

You should see my list of all the places and things I want to eat while I'm home. Food really is a big part of where you grow up and you don't really realize it until you move away!

You are such the little cook by the way, and I love that you have your own garden!

scotty and crystal said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of the fam, can't wait to eat on your back porch like this!!!

The Drakes said...

hi jenna. will YOU post a picture of jenn's belly soon cause i keep checking her blog and it's looking pretty bleak. hooray for food :) -- j

jon said...

Are you sure that the guy on the left isn't Tommy Martin? could have fooled me