We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Date With Small

Saturday Bem and I had a girls night out. First we went shopping, she needed a new cell phone. She felt she needed to simplify and was tired of her blackberry. She also needed a new beaver cheerleader outfit, she can't wait for the first home game. And of course we needed to find something to keep her occupied at dinner, we found some magic markers that only mark on certain kinds of paper. Perfect since she has a habit of drawing all over herself.

Sadly Emma is still in this phase of wanting the camera and doesn't seem to care to much about her photo angles.

We met up with Brandon & Kayla and Ruby & Lewis at Aomatsu. The menu has changed since I last went. They have added new rolls and got rid of the tepan grill. They now offer shabu-shabu and/or korean bbq. I guess shabu-shabu is the Japanese version of hot pot and I really want to try korean bbq. I've only seen it on tv.
Kayla's tum is SO CUTE and PERFECT. Only a few more weeks until we get to meet "Joann". I cant wait!
Also only a few more weeks until this lady comes back home.

Bem did a really good job for a 2yr-old. I actually thought the seating at Aomatsu was great for her. We all sit in the same bench so she could walk to and from different people and have lots of space to play.

Emma loves her Ki-Ki and Bwanan.She also loved the dog statue downtown.

Its probably not the most sanitary thing to let her kiss him but its oh-so-cute.

The Lucky lady then got to Francesco's for gelato. She is so funny and not afraid of strangers(except for Lewis. She wasnt too fond of him, it could have been his beard). Emma kept going up to everyone and smiling. I think she might have been working the crowd to get more ice-cream but the people loved her.

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The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Silly Bem....she got crazy after all the sugar!